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All the magic on Akwaaba Magic!

09 September 2021
Struggling with what to watch on Akwaaba Magic? Here’s all the dramas and thrillers for your viewing pleasure.
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Sometimes you just need an immersive drama, and thankfully, Akwaaba Magic delivers. Here are the best shows to devour all at once and the good thing is that you can watch them with your family, friends, and neighbours. We decided to give you a list of spicy doses of drama every day, so strap up for an intense ride because the drama just never ends on Akwaaba Magic. Did we mention that you can also stream these shows on Showmax? Keep reading to see how!

Romance is always a favourite

If you love romance, comedy, drama, and a show packed with your favourite Ghanaian stars, you’re sure to get a swell ride while watching Dede. With Joselyn Dumas’ exceptionally comical role as the greedy Felicity, to Adjetey Anang being the perfect TV dad, amidst other outstanding performances to keep you on the edge of your seat, this series will have you coming back for more. And with the remarkable cast, we bet a million dollars that you’ll get attached to the characters too. Did we mention that it’s all shades of drama? If you’re a lover of romance and fairy tale stories, then this show will perfectly sit pretty on your watchlist.

Catch Dede on DStv channel 150 on Mondays to Fridays at 8:00pm and if you think you’ve missed out on the last 100 episodes, not to worry, you can always catch up on Showmax. Cheers to 100 episodes!! 💥

We bet every lady can relate to this one

A drama-filled show on friendship, love, marriage, comedy, DRAMA, career, and motherhood… what’s not to love in To Have and To Hold? This TV series adaptation of the Nigerian Unmarried, is just what you need after a long day of adulting.  In just one week, To Have and To Hold has created a buzz on social media, leaving its fans drooling for more at the end of every episode. And if you’ve always wanted to see what a show with Lydia Forson, Naa Ashorkor and Zynelle Zuh, looks like, you’ve come to the right place. These three amazing ladies play exceptional roles in this show as they juggle marriage, motherhood, friendship, relationships, and career; but can they beat the pressure?

Don’t miss To Have and To Hold every Monday and Tuesday on Akwaaba Magic at 8:30pm to see all the drama unfold. Watch on Showmax here.

Drama is a four-letter-word

Nothing spells drama than a show coated in deceit, betrayal, friendship, and manipulation and if you’re a lover of all things action and suspense, then you shouldn’t miss Roses and Daggers on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8:30pm. How far will Winifred (played by Zakia Kunge) go to make sure she gets what she wants, even if it means hurting someone who has been nothing but good to her? This series also follows the life of Sesi (played by Esi Hammond) - who escapes her grandmother’s wish of getting married to an old man for financial benefits and has to navigate life on her own in the city.

Missed the previous episodes? Showmax got you

All the thrills and suspense

Blurred Lines will have you wearing your FBI caps in every scene, as you try to uncover the mystery behind it and one thing we absolutely love about this series is that you can’t possibly tell what will happen next. It gives us plenty drama, suspense and all the thrills, as we immerse ourselves in the lives of four friends caught in the middle of betrayal. Things get messy when Racheal’s boyfriend is caught cheating with her best friend, Chantel. How will she handle this?

Blurred Lines airs on Akwaaba Magic every Thursday at 9:00pm and you can also stream on Showmax.

Let us know some of your favourites 💜