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A look back at explosive moments on Dede

30 June 2021
Let’s catch up on the unmissable moments so far on Dede, shall we? The big, the small, and the sassy and stylish Christine, of course.
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While we wait impatiently for what is to become of Dede in her new identity as Christine, we decided to look back and cherish some of the heart-racing moments we’ve experienced with the characters in previous episodes.

Before we begin, who else misses Lovia’s troubles at the Robertsons? Well, she misses you too.

Have you met Christine?

In case you missed it, Joyce (Dede’s friend from prison) helped Dede with a massive makeover which helped her get back into the lives of the Robertsons as a new employee. So, if you see Dede looking stylish with a popping face beat, be sure to wave at Christine, who is working now with Rama and Michael as the new architect, i.e., Dede’s replacement.

Keeping up with a double identity has never looked as easy as Dede does it, carrying on her duties as Patrick’s assistant and Michael’s new assistant, Christine. Well, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do to clear her name with the Robertson’s, right?


Belinda is a mother and the witch’s daughter!

Belinda is a mother, but not the mother of her husband David’s children. Remember the little girl Felicity saw at Awero’s not-so-fancy witch house? Awero showed up at the Robertsons’ household with the child, who happens to be the great Belinda’s daughter. Who would have thought that Awero was Belinda’s mother though? As they say: the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree; so a witch having a villain as a daughter isn’t so far-fetched.

To think that David has been trying to convince Belinda to start having children so they can start their own little family, but Belinda always hushed him. Congratulations David, you’re now a (step)father!

Lilly’s fruitless battle

Upon hearing that Michael is back on his feet and now stacking up his coins, Lilly miraculously appeared and blamed Dede for leaving him at the altar. Now, she’s fighting to get Michael back in her arms and of course, Michael isn’t falling for her manipulative ways. Or is he? Lilly is determined to win this battle, even if it means blackmailing John into convincing Michael or trying to trap Michael with a baby. Her plans to trap him were cut short when Belinda walked in on Lilly forcing herself on poor Michael who was under the influence of Lilly’s drugs. What will she try next to get her man back?

We couldn’t help but notice the way Michael’s face lights up whenever he’s with Christine. Could this be because she reminds him so much of his lost love, Dede? Is there a #MiChris ship in sight? We’ll find out.

Who else is crushing on the new Dede…sorry, Christine?

While we are absolutely loving the new Dede (sorry, Christine), we can’t wait to see how long she will be able to keep this identity.

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