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Best of 2021 Akwaaba Magic couples

11 December 2021
Whoever said true love doesn’t exist? We've got proof that it does!
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We love to immerse ourselves in love stories and as much as we like to be wrecked by fictional heartbreak occasionally, we’re going to take a minute to honour the matches we wouldn’t mind emulating in real life.

Akwaaba Magic has given us many memorable couples – some were complete opposites that just worked well, while others were just meant to be together. No red flags, no doubts, just pure love and vibes… what’s not to love?

Here, in no particular order, are our #BestOf21 top TV couples!

Dede and Michael

Dede and Michael

I mean, duh! The real team #MiDe knows how these two started from the very bottom and now they’re engaged. From a maid-boss relationship to being the most loved couple on the show Dede right now, Cinderella and her prince have nothing on them. Don’t get us wrong, Dede and Michael have been through the thickest forms of battles like Dede getting married to his best friend, lack of trust and communication building a barrier between them, the ex-girlfriend Lilly, Michael getting framed for murder, being behind prison bars, and a long list of endless woes; but amid it all these two ignored all consequences and are now planning a wedding.

Dede and Michael are clearly just meant to be together.

Aryee and money

Name a stronger couple, we’ll wait…

What has Aryee not done for his coins? He lies for money like his life depends on it and recently, has started selling his niece, Tammy, to old men to fill his pockets. From the beginning of the series Dede, he plotted with Felicity to successfully sell out Dede to the Robertsons as a maid and along the line, we’ve seen him come up with the slimiest and crookedest means to secure his bag.

Akosua and Kudjoe

Theirs is not your typical everyday love story, as Akosua and Kudjoe struggled to navigate Cupid’s world when Kudjoe transitioned from Akosua’s company security guard to her lover in season one of To Have and To Hold. At first, Akosua was ashamed to admit openly that she loves Kudjoe and would rather have been caught dead than caught with her security guard in public; but love sure does not discriminate. We loved watching their love wax stronger with each passing episode and we can’t wait to see what Cupid has in store for them in season two.

Felicity and her make up

To love Felicity is to love her (hideous) face beats and we always look forward to not only seeing her makeup in every scene, but also her hilarious hairstyles. Learn make up tips from Felicity at your own risk, but we absolutely love your pictures from the #MakeUpLikeFelicityChallenge that featured on the streets of Dede.

Soraya and Papa Yaw

Inside Out season one gave us enough couple goals from Soraya and her bae, Papa Yaw and while we’re familiar with the words, “for better or worse”, these two redefined the phrase as they overcame all obstacles from the Larteys together. A bae that can help you successfully carry out a home invasion so you can achieve your revenge mission is bae indeed. Although shippers may fear Soraya’s sudden intimacy with Fiifi in season two will wreck this ship, we’re quite confident that these two will find their way back in each other’s arms. Until then, we’ll wait for Papa Yaw to find out that Soraya’s death news is fake.

Who’s your favourite Akwaaba Magic couple of 2021?