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The battle of the mothers – Roses and Daggers

19 August 2021
What happens when the mothers-in-law have a dog and cat relationship?
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On one hand, we’re super excited for Joshua and Valerie deciding to leave the friendship zone into the marriage zone and on another hand, we’re wondering how Marjorie and Betsy will leave their differences aside to put on their mother-in-law hats. What if they can’t though?

Let’s throw it all the way back

Festus and Marjorie have always been in a one-sided relationship, where Marjorie felt like she owned Festus and Festus had no choice to remain in the relationship with her, because she was the one footing his school expenses. Until one time they decided to call off the relationship and Betsy came into the picture. Festus and Betsy fell in love with each other and just when he asked Betsy to marry him, Marjorie came back to get her man, leaving Betsy as the other woman who still has Festus’ heart.

The awkward past comes knocking

Marjorie has always been insecure in her marriage and Festus having casual lunch dates with Betsy hasn’t really been of help. What are the odds that Joshua (Marjorie’s son) and Valerie (Betsy’s daughter), are now engaged to be married soon? While this didn’t come as a surprise to Marjorie, since she planted the idea in her son’s head, Betsy was surprised at the news and understandably so, relayed her surprise to her husband who just happens not to be bothered by anything.

After the news of their marriage plans, Marjorie decided to organize a family dinner to celebrate both families coming together as one under marriage. Now what we didn’t anticipate was Marjorie taking advantage of this gathering to call Betsy out for still being in love with her husband. Yes, you read right! Right in the presence of the two families, Marjorie gave a humiliating long speech, which of course ruined the dinner as Betsy’s husband stormed off and everyone awkwardly left the scene.

Moving forward

With Joshua and Valerie continuing with their marriage plans, the new realization that Betsy is still in love with Festus and Betsy’s husband being unbothered about everything going on, we have only one question – what next?

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Will the marriage plans go on?

Wedding will be called off by the mothers-in-law0%
Marjorie will have to apologize and let the past go0%
It’s going to be a love war between Marjorie/Festus/Betsy0%