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GOtv Stream App: Frequently Asked Questions

01 December 2023
Find out all you need to know about GOtv Stream.
GOtv Stream App, FAQs

  1. What is the GOtv Stream App?
  • The GOtv Stream App is a streaming platform available for GOtv subscribers to watch their favorite TV shows, movies, and other content on their smartphones, tablets, computers, and other devices. It's a value-added service offering that allows our customers to stay entertained anytime, anywhere and on the go.
  1. What does the app allow me to do?
  • The GOtv Stream App gives you control over how you watch our content and stay entertained. You can set up your profiles, create a personalized viewing experience for everyone in your family, watch your favorite shows/movies on Catch Up, download content on selected devices.
  1. What is required to use the GOtv Stream App?
  • You need to have an active GOtv subscription, a device that is compatible with GOtv (Android, Apple, tablet, PC etc.), a MultiChoice ID, and an internet connection in order to watch content on GOtv Stream App.
  1. Who can use the GOtv Stream App?
  • Anyone can download and use the GOtv Stream App, but only GOtv subscribers will be able to watch/stream live TV channels and Catch-Up content linked to their package.
  1. Are there any FTA channels available on the GOtv Stream App?
  • Yes, the GOtv Stream App will offer Free-To-Air channels in your region. However, specific channels available in each region may change from time to time as we continuously work to improve the GOtv Stream content offering.
  1. How much will the GOtv Stream App cost me?
  • The GOtv Stream App is free to download and use, but you will need an internet connection (either Wi-Fi or mobile data) to watch/stream the content. You will be responsible for the cost of your data usage.
  1. Where can I download the App?
  • The GOtv Stream App is available for download on a wide range of devices, including Android and iOS devices. You can find the app in the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, depending on your device.
  1. How many devices can I register on the GOtv Stream App?
  • You can register up to four devices with your GOtv Stream App account.
  1. Can I stream on all my devices at the same time?
  • No, you can only stream GOtv content on one device at a time.
  1. Am I allowed to download my content on the GOtv Stream App?
  • Yes, you can download content from the GOtv Stream App to your device.
  1. Is there a limit on the number of downloads?
  • Yes, you can only download up to 25 videos at a time.
  1. Will the downloads expire once they are on my device?
  • You have 30 days to watch downloaded content before it expires. Once downloaded content has been watched, it will expire in 48 hours.
  1. Which countries is the GOtv Stream App available in?

     GOtv Stream will be available in the following countries:

  • Nigeria 
  • Kenya 
  • Uganda 
  • Zambia 
  • Mozambique 
  • Ghana 
  • Namibia 
  • Malawi 
  1. Will the content in the GOtv Stream App be the same in all countries?
  • No, you will only have access to the content that is included in your subscription package and in your country.
  1. If  I have registered, linked and I’m able to watch content on Market A will I still be able to watch my content if I travel to another market that has GOtv?
  • Yes, you will be able to stream content as long as you are within the African markets that GOtv has launched. However, the content that you will be able to view may differ in each market based on the content and subscription available in their region/market.
  1. Is casting available on the GOtv Stream App?
  • No, casting is not available on the GOtv Stream App.
  1. What happens if I have both the GOtv and DStv Streaming Apps, will I need the same connect email address for logging in?
  • No. You will need a different email address for the DStv and the GOtv Stream App to access the relevant content. The content offerings on both the Apps are different and both applications would require authentication i.e., email addresses and passwords.
  1. Can I link my email address to a GOtv agreement which is already linked to a DStv agreement?
  • If you want to link an email address to a GOtv agreement that is already linked to a DStv agreement, you will need to unlink DStv agreement and use a new email for the DStv Stream App.
  1. What is Catch up?
  • Catch Up is a feature that allows GOtv subscribers to watch a on demand selection of shows from the channels included in their package. This means that you can watch your favourite series, movies, and sporting highlights even after you have been first broadcasted on GOtv.
  1. How does catch up work?
  • Catch Up is a library of past programs, episodes, and events within a certain period which allows you to control how you watch that content by pausing, rewinding, or fast-forwarding Catch Up content. These features give you more control over your viewing experience and make it more convenient to watch at any time.
  1. Which device can I use to watch catch up?
  • As a GOtv subscribers, you can stream your favorite content on the go with the GOtv Stream App, which is available on a variety of devices, including phones, tablets, and laptops (excluding TV).
  1. Will I be charged for catch up?
  • No, Catch Up is included as a feature on the platform.
  1. What features are available on the GOtv Stream app?
  • Some of the features available are Live TV, TV guide, Catch Up, Profiles and My list.
  1. What is the My list feature?
  • Customers can use My List to bookmark content they want to watch later by adding it to their watchlist. Each GOtv Stream App profile can have its own watchlist, where customers can add and manage a list of shows on Catch Up that they want to watch. To add a show to your watchlist, simply tap the My List feature when you see a Catch Up title that you're interested in.
  1. What if my GOtv Stream App has stopped working?
  • If the GOtv Stream App stops working, you should check your app store to see if there is an updated version available.
  1. What is the Profiles feature?
  • The profiles feature allows up to 4 devices per GOtv subscription in the app, each person can create their own profile to keep their watchlist, recently watched channels, recommendations, and for a more personalised viewing preference. This feature allows you to create up to 6 profiles per subscription, to cater for everyone in your family, including Mom, Dad, Child 1, Child 2, Grandma, and even a family viewing profile.
  1. Do the Profiles I set up on the GOtv app also apply to my decoder?
  1. How do I add or edit a Profile?
  • To edit or add profiles, select the ‘More’ button on the Menu and follow the instructions.
  1. Can I delete a Profile?
  • Yes, you can delete all profiles except for the main profile.
  1. Does the ‘My List’ that I create on the GOtv Stream App also display on my decoder?
  • No, the My List feature is exclusively available on the GOtv Stream App.
  1. Can I add shows in the TV guide to My List?
  • No, you can only add Catch up Titles to your List.
  1. Can I reset their password on the app if I have forgotten it?
  • Yes, you can reset your password on the login section of the app. You can use the “Forgot Password” link when trying to login.
  1. Can I rewind and forward Live TV?
  • No, the rewind functionality is not available. 
  1. Where can I get support for the GOtv Stream App?
  • You can use the Live Chat option i.e., Select ‘Settings’ from the ‘More’ Menu.