Ahenfie, Akwaaba Magic, tradition, modernity, January premieres
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Ahenfie highlights Kwaku Tabre’s struggles to balance tradition with modernity

28 January 2024
This intense family drama will keep you wanting more each week!
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What a way to start the year, as another blockbuster from Akwaaba Magic hit our screens following the premiere of the much-anticipated series, Ahenfie.

The plot has been bubbling along nicely, with an ensemble cast of veritable names from the Ghanaian acting screen including Gloria Safo, Joshua Fordjour, Barbara Ofosu, Henry Harding, Aj Poundz, Godwin Holy Boateng and the legendary Fred Amugi.

Ahenfie follows the life of Kwaku and his close family as he is lured into taking up the role of Akwamuhene of Pataase. This would take him away from his role as CEO of Tabre Holdings, a produce company with extensive global connections.

We have begun seeing a lot of conflict from his immediate family, especially his wife. She is obstinately set against the idea of him becoming chief, as she is not ready to have her life disrupted at this time in her life when she has a young family.

Kwaku is on the verge of convincing his family to allow him take up the crown as he convinces them that he will manage his time in a manner that would not disrupt their lives in the city. The trappings of modern life, which he has been used to all his life, could derail his secret inner wish to accept the chieftaincy.

We also witness as he uncovers the mysticism and under-dealing that goes on in that world. But will his compromise end up in a mistake?

Ahenfie poll, Akwaaba Magic, January shows
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What should Kweku's mother do about the attempts to give him the chieftaincy?

Ahenfie, Akwaaba Magic, tradition, modernity, January premieres
Stop him from taking it!0%
Ahenfie, Akwaaba Magic, tradition, modernity, January premieres
Monitor the situation for a while...0%
Ahenfie, Akwaaba Magic, tradition, modernity, January premieres
Explain the dangers to him and let him decide...100%

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