Accra Medic season 2, medical drama series, Akwaaba Magic
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The return of Accra Medic: A season of suspense and mystery

25 January 2023
The second season of Accra Medic is here with more drama and suspense than ever before!
Accra Medic season 2, medical drama series, Akwaaba Magic

The highly anticipated medical drama series that explores the health inequity and disparity in the Ghanaian medical system is back and better. Produced in Ghana and shot on the prestigious premises of UGMC, this show follows the lives of the staff at an Accra hospital as they navigate the challenges of their lives while saving patients.

Before we get right into the thrilling new season, let’s feed our eyes on the amazing pictures of your Accra Medic faves from the premiere launch.

The storyline picks up right where it left off, with Nurse Efe facing a possible death after breaking the news of her pregnancy to Dr. Mohammed. We can also expect to see Elom and Akua's relationship take a new turn, as she moves on to a new guy, while he gets more attention from Dr. Debbie. These twists and turns are sure to keep you on the edge of your seat, so sit tight.

The premiere episode of season two was particularly emotional, as it featured the life-saving Dr. Sarpong, played by the late Ekow Blankson, who passed away during the show's production. His portrayal of the character was nothing short of amazing, and his tragic passing was a great loss to the show and the entertainment industry as a whole. The episode was a fitting tribute to his memory and talent, and we couldn’t have asked for a better on-screen moment.

One of the biggest mysteries of this season is the fate of Nurse Efe, who was pushed down a flight of stairs by Dr. Mohammed after she broke the pregnancy news, and the premiere episode left audiences wondering if she had survived the fall or if she had died. The guilt of his actions weighed heavily on Dr. Mohammed, and as the episode progressed, he was plagued by visions of Efe appearing to him in his home, at the spot where he killed her. Talk about the actual ghost of girlfriend past…

The question on everyone's mind is whether Efe's appearances are the ghost of the nurse tormenting Dr. Mohammed until his last breath, or if she is still alive. The suspense builds as the season goes on and we are left guessing about the true fate of Nurse Efe.

The cast, which includes talented actors such as Edward Agyekum Kufuor, Desiree Crentsil, Kweku Elliott, Aaron Adatsi, Osei Kwame Bentil, Ninette Orleans-Thompson, Elizabeth Allotey-Annan, Elaine Attoh, Collins Amegbor, and Emmanuel Ato Ghartey, has once again delivered outstanding performances, and we can’t wait to see all the drama they’ll bring to our screens this new season.

With drama, suspense, and all shades of emotions, Accra Medic is sure to keep viewers hooked.

Watch the premiere episode here

Tune in every Wednesday at 8:30pm to see what's in store for the staff of Accra Medic. With drama, romance, and suspense, this season promises to be one to remember. Don't miss it!