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The fierce actresses battling for top honours - AMVCA 9

04 May 2023
Here's a look at the contenders in these public voting, female-led categories
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We are led! Africa’s top female talent has delivered stellar performances and the nominees in the Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards ‘Best Actress in a Comedy’ and ‘Best Actress in a Drama’ categories are testament to that! This incredible group of talented women have excelled in their roles in some of the most recognisable movies and original TV shows of the past year! Check out our nominee focus and vote for your favourite star by clicking here.


‘Best Actress In A Drama, Movie Or TV Series’ powered by Pepsi.


Bimbo Ademoye for Anikulapo

No stranger to the awards, Bimbo Ademoye has scooped nominations in three categories in the ninth edition of the AMVCAs, this after being nominated in 2020 and 2023 for ‘Best Actress in a Comedy’. Her role in Akinulapo as Arolake, stands out in the star-studded film and has set her up for a possible ‘Best Actress in a Drama’ win.

Vote for Bimbo as Arolake here


Ini Dima-Okojie for Flawsome

Ini’s beautiful portrayal of Ramat, a woman who seems to have it all together, even though there is more to her the longer you look, is memorable. Ramat is growing in her career and championing the fight against women and child trafficking through her NGO. She has an enviable middle-class life and the perfect marriage too, but as it goes, challenges are never far. In a recent interview, Ini mentioned how being a “girl’s girl” in real life, helped her relate to her character’s passion so much that she was able to emote that from her own life. If you love her performance on Flawsome, vote for Ini here.

Immaculata Oko Kasum for Ile Owo

Busola is a sweet and naïve girl who loves her parents and wants to make them proud. And, at this point in her life, they want her married to a rich man who will upgrade the family from their current status. After kissing many frogs, she finally meets her prince charming, Owo, who is a dream come true – at least for a little while, until she finds out who he is – a man who has made a pact with darkness and has her living with shadows.

Immaculata gives a convincing performance as Busola in this… shall we say, romantic horror? Vote here if your money is on Immaculata.


Osas Ighodaro for Man of God

Teju has had a crush on Samuel since they met and although he has forsaken his religious bringing, she believes in him. She sticks by his side through all his worldly ways, tolerating his lies and wandering eye. He finally marries her and decides to turn back to his faith; but all this is a front as her husband and now pastor, is using the church for his own personal gains. Forgetting his vows, he cheats on her and as the saying goes “Hell hath no fury”. She tells law enforcement of his dealings, completely unsettling his life. 

After bagging the AMVCA for ‘Best Actress’ last year, will Osas Ighodaro take it again? You can vote for her here.


Enado Odigie for Flawsome

The series’ second nominee in this category, Enado Odigile plays Dolapo, a lover of the finer things. She is a headstrong career-driven woman who continues to beat the odds as she moves steadily up the corporate ladder with the biggest clients in her portfolio. She shows us a softer, less ruthless side, that is far from the norm.

If your money is on Enado in this category, vote for her here.



Nimo Loveline for The Planters Plantation

Set in the 1960s, on a colonial West African plantation, Enaga takes up the fight to preserve her father’s legacy; the Upper part of the plantation that was given to her father by the former owner. Her bravery inspires the labourers to mobilise behind her to take on the injustices they face.

This is Nimo Loveline’s first AMVCA nomination. Help her win by voting here.


Queen Nwokoye for Strained

Queen Nwokoye embodies the deep pain and abandonment of Ebere, whose mother appears to assist in taking care of her newborn, after many years of absence. Her mother’s efforts fall on dead soil as Ebere harbours a lot of hatred and contempt towards her mother.

If you love her role in this tear-jerking story of motherhood and forgiveness, vote here.


Nse Ikpe-Etim for Shanty Town

Shanty Town is a depiction of Nigerian slums. The town is given to prostitution, run by drug dealers, while thugs and corrupt politics are at play. Nse Ikpe-Etim delivers impressive fight scenes and nails the character of Ene, a no-nonsense taker who will fight anyone to stay alive.

Nse first won in this category in 2014. Will she take it home a second time? Vote here.


Ini Edo for Shanty Town

After spending some time away, Inem returns to Shanty Town. She is on a mission to bring criminals to justice by avenging her twin sister who got swallowed by the monster that is the slum. Ini Edo delivers explosive fight scenes and embodies the unstoppable force that her character is.

If you loved her in this memorable action series, vote here.

Scarlet Gomez for Wura

In a male-dominated industry, Wura sheds blood, sweat and tears to secure the success of her business; The Frontline Gold Mine. Scarlet Gomez (Wura) gives a stunning performance as a woman with an unhinged desire for success and who will do anything for the protection of her family – even from herself.

Love Wura? Vote here.

If laughter is the best medicine then it has to be serious business! The following fierce queens have brought joy to audiences young and old with their unforgettable performances.


Best Actress In A Comedy/TV Series powered by Onga – Promasidor


Mercy Johnson Okojie for Battle On Buka Street

The people of Buka Street will tell you one thing: Life is about competition! After a lifetime of rivalry, two half-sisters find themselves at loggerheads once again when they set up food businesses on the same street. Mercy plays the role of Awele in this memorable and super funny piece.

Battle on Buka Street is nominated in 10 categories at this year’s AMVCAs. Impressed? Vote here.


Funke Akindele for Battle On Buka Street

Back in this category for the second year running, AMVCA 8 winner, Funke Akindele is recognised for her role as Yejide in Battle on Buka Street, joining fellow castmate Mercy Johnson in this category. Delivering Yejide’s witty lines and musical mockery of her sister, she cements herself as a queen of comedy.

Fun Fact: Battle on Buka Street grossed USD 188 812,51 on its opening night and is the second Nollywood title to cross the USD 1 million mark after ‘Omo Ghetto: The Saga’. Vote here!


Bimbo Ademoye for Selina

Nominated for the second year running in this category, Bimbo Ademoye is recognised for her role in the titular movie, Selina. The story follows a small-town cook who dreams of opening her own restaurant. Selina finds herself in a lot of debt as she puts her younger brother through school and tries to make ends meet.

She goes to work as a personal cook in the city and brings much-needed humour and love to her employer’s home. Vote here to ensure Bimbo takes it home.


Mercy Johnson Okojie for Passport

After her sister pick-pockets a London boy’s bag, taking his passport along with it, Kopiko is roped into helping the stranger find his passport, for a price. She is a tomboy hustling the streets of the ghetto for any opportunity and this one is a chance to make 500K (na stranger wear Dior cologne). She dishes out hard slaps and harder punchlines, that will have you in stitches.

This is her second nomination in this category and for the second year running! Will Mercy take it home? Vote here if your money is on her.


Oluwatoyin Albert for Visa On Arrival

Charity is a no-nonsense, Bible-thumping visa officer who will interrogate every intention of your visit (that is if she does not get you to give an offering first)! Oluwatoyin Albert shines in this role and earns her first AMVCA nomination. If you have been entertained, make sure you vote for her here.


Grace Wacuka for Married To Work

Mlemba & Mlemba Properties is a family-founded business that is struggling to secure funds for a high-end development project. Mailka, performed by Grace Wacuka, is a committed employee who convinces her boss that they act as a married couple. Why? The investor they want will only invest her money with married couples!

Married to Work is an unforgettable romantic comedy and so is Grace. If you enjoyed her performance, then vote for her  here.


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