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Africa’s leading men face off at AMVCA 9

05 May 2023
Here is a closer look at the work that has them going head-to-head in these public voting categories.
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The nominees in the male-led categories in the ninth edition of the Africa Magic Viewer’s choice awards are are powerful, talented, and unforgettable on the big screen, with roles in some of the most recognisable movies of the last two years. Who will take home the gong in the ‘Best Actor in a Comedy’ and ‘Best Actor in a Drama’ categories? Check out our focus on these talented nominees and make your pick by clicking here.

Best Actor In A Comedy Drama, Movie Or TV Series powered by Twisco

Nosa Afolabi (Lasisi Elenu) for The Razz Guy 
The Razz Guy is an entertaining film about some of the strange situations people find themselves in. It follows a rude and arrogant senior executive Temi Johnson, played by Lasisi Elenu, who loses control of his voice after being cursed by an office cleaner. This – just after being assigned the task of an international business merger. Naso Afolalabi, popularly known as Lasisi Elenu shines in this funny piece, just like he does in his online comedy skits. This is his first AMVCA nomination, so make sure he wins by clicking here.


Samuel Perry 'Broda Shaggi' for Inside Life
Inside Life is a drama-comedy that follows the story of Larry; who, just a few days before his wedding gets wrongfully remanded in prison. He not only needs to fight to get released on time to get married to his sweetheart, but he must learn to survive and come out of prison alive.
Broda Shaggi takes on the role of Information Minister, the one who knows everything that has to do with anything in the prison. Loved his performance? Vote here to help him take it home.


Kunle Idowu for Unintentional
If love shows up when you least expect it, how do you get back after losing it? Well, two African girls go on un unexpected road trip that leads to the discovery of love in the least expected place.
Kunle Awo is nominated for his role as the hotel porter who gives the best assistance to the girls, in his own way of course! Previously nominated at the 2015 AMVCAs in the ‘Best Actor’ category and in 2018 for ‘Best Supporting Actor’, Kunle needs your help in taking the award home this time around. Vote here.


Adokiye Horsfall “Romeo_WJ” for Inside Life 
Inside Life is Sillo Studios debut feature and directed by Tope Adebayo, one of the directors behind 2022 box office hit King of Thieves. The film was shot in Lagos and Ibadan and explores how people can turn towards or away from religion while in prison.

Popularly known as “Romeo Without Juliet” or “Romeo WJ”, his role as Presido in this film bags the sensational comedian and social media personality his first nomination. If you think his performance is worth the win, vote here

Nkem Owoh for Battle On Buka Street
Nkem Owoh is renowned Nollywood royalty and is highly respected, with over 30 years in the industry and about 200 movies to his name. 
In Battle on Buka Street he plays Maduka, the family elder who struggles to keep the peace between two fighting sisters. Make him win the award for the second time by voting here.


Samuel A. Perry (Broda Shaggi) for Survivors
Gideon and Zacchaeus are two mechanics with big dreams of getting rich – and the quicker, the better. They fall into the hands of a criminal who gives them a taste of the rich life, and they want in. They seem to be in for more than what they bargained for, as they find themselves involved in a kidnapping syndicate.  
Broda Shaggi is looking to scoop the award for the second year in a row, after winning ‘Best Actor in a Comedy’ at AMVCA 8. Select him as your winner here.


Charles Etubiebi for Just Friends 
In this romantic comedy, we meet Maro (the recently dumped sweetheart) and Jay, played by Charles Etubiebi (the ideal man with two exes/best friends) as they struggle to deal with insecurities, situational friendships. 
This is Charles’ first AMVCA nomination and he needs your help to win. Vote for him here.

Charles Inojie  for City Hustlers
City hustlers is a comedy-drama movie that showcases the day to day hustling in the biggest and most densely populated city in Africa, Lagos. From preachers to prostitutes, the film begs the question: What lengths can you go to live the kind of life you dream of?

With over 20 years in the industry, Charles Inojie is a comedian, movie director and producer, but is popularly known for his comedic roles like Lucky Johnson in the series, The Johnsons’ which won ‘Best Original Comedy Series’ at the AMVCA 8. Vote here if you have not already.


Chinedu Ikedieze for Aki & PawPaw 
After relocating to the vibrant city of Lagos, two troublesome brothers cross paths with a powerful influencer and see it as an opportunity for them to rise to social media fame. 
With a film career spanning over 20 years, he has appeared in over 150 films and is considered Nollywood royalty. Fun fact: Chinedu co-produced the movie with his on-screen brother, Osita Iheme. This is his first AMVCA nomination, so make sure he takes it home by voting here.


Nedu Ani (Nedu Wazobia) for Inside Life 
Based on the true story of Lanre Olorunnisola was unjustly imprisoned in 2002, Inside Life addresses several issues within the Nigerian (and probably global) correctional system, including the bad conditions of Nigerian prisons and its prisoners, the faulty judicial system and police brutality.
Nedu Ani (Nedu Wazobia) brings Funky Yaro to life and is one of three actors in the film nominated in this category. If he is your winner, vote here.

Best Actor In A Drama, Movie Or TV Series Powered By Indomie  

Chidi Mokeme for Shanty Town 
Earning him his AMVCA nomination, actor and TV presenter Chidi Mokeme takes on the bad boy character Scar, which is similar to many of the roles he took on in his formative years. Scar is the warlord of Shantytown and runs the Nigerian slum with a ruthless fist, getting rid of anyone who does not bow to his ways. Shanty town has 11 nominations at this year’s AMVCAs. If you loved Chidi’s performance and want him to win, make sure to vote here.


Blossom Chukwujekwu  for The Trade 
Based on a true story, The Trade follows a notoriously cunning kidnapper. He has evaded the police and has haunted the southern part of Nigeria for over a decade. 'Eric', played by Blossom Chukwujekwu, undertakes a job that brings the law closer than ever before for a high stakes thrilling chase. 

Blossom won AMVCA Best supporting actor in 2015 and gives a convincing performance as Eric. Vote for him here.

Tope Tedela for All The Colours Of The World Are Between Black and White 
Bambino, played by Tope Tedela, is a single delivery driver living in Lagos. He is appreciated by the neighbourhood and is generous when people are late to repay him. His neighbour Ifeyinwa’s advances leave him cold, until he meets Bawa. The two immediately hit it off and drive around the city together on day-long explorations with increasing frequency, as they enter a photography competition.

Tope Tedela won ‘Best Actor in a Drama’ at the 2014 AMVCAs. Will he win again 8 years later for his role in this film that also has nominations in the ‘Best Actor’ and ‘Best Director’ categories. Vote for Tope here.


Femi Adebayo for King of Thieves (Agesinkole)
This is a Yoruba tale of Agesinkole played by Femi Adebayo, an all-powerful bandit ¬– and his reign of terror in the prosperous Kingdom of Ajeromi. Having had enough of his pillaging, the kingdom moves to destroy him through the hunters, witches and priests, thus beginning this adventurous saga of revenge, bravery and glory.
In 2018, Femi won the AMVCAs for ‘Best Actor in a Lead Role: Yoruba’, for his part in the movie Etiko Onigedu, which also walked away with the Best Indigenous Movie (Yoruba) gong. Will he add this trophy to his collection? We’ll leave that in your hands, Africa! VOTE for him here.


O.C. Ukeje for Black Mail 
OC Ukeje stars as Ray Chinda a struggling Nigerian actor living in London. This kind, well-meaning family man’s career and family are put in jeopardy when cyber-criminals blackmail him. OC won an AMVCA in 2013 in the ‘Best Actor’ category for Two Brides and a Baby and  has two nominations in this edition of the AMVCAs: ‘Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor’ (Brotherhood). Vote for him here.


Patriq Nkakalukanyi for Tembele
Recognise! This film is the first Oscar submission from Uganda. The drama follows Tembele (Patriq Nkakalukanyi), a garbage man in Kampala suffering from mental illness who begins to lose his grip on reality after the death of his infant son. This film of hope, love and brotherhood has earned six AMVCA 9 nominations, and leading man Patriq might take it home in this category. Cast your vote to make sure.


Daniel Etim-Effiong for Kofa 
Wale, played by Daniel Etim-Effiong, wakes up in a room with seven other people – and no recollection of how they got there. They wake up with just their underwear on and all they can remember are their names. Directgor Jude Idada explains: “The word Kofa means door in Hausa, thus the film is a metaphor of the closed doors we repeatedly encounter in our lives and the lengths we go to open them, even when the odds are stacked against us.” 
Keen to open this special door for Daniel by helping him win an AMVCA? Vote here.

Chimezie Imo for Choke
Kosisi, played by Chimezie Imo, suffers from sickle cell anaemia and is set to get a bone marrow transplant, until his parents decide to invest the money meant for his medical procedure in a zealous reverend’s miracle water. His body and state mind start to take a turn for the worse and he also loses his chance and finding love. Filled with hurt and pain, Kosisi goes after everyone he holds responsible for his situation. Chimezie the plight of sickle cell sufferers to light, pulling the curtain back on how the disease affects their daily lives, their relationships with friends, family members – and the lengths their suffering could push them to. 
This is Chimezi’s first AMVCA nomination. If you want him to take the prize, vote here.

Tobi Bakre for Brotherhood
After witnessing the murder of their parents, young twin brothers Wale and Akin spend their youth fighting to survive on the streets and find themselves as adults on opposite ends of the law. Wale joins the Police Taskforce and Akin, played by Tobi Bakre, joins a notorious gang called the Ojuju Boys and devises a master plan to help them rob banks and their gold vans. The bonds of brotherhood are tested as one brother has to hunt down the other and his gang. 
#BBNaija finalist Tobi Bakre proves he is a remarkable actor, with his star turn in this movie. Loved his performance? Make sure you vote here.


Richard Mofe Damijo for Four Four Forty Four
A wedding day is probably one of the most unforgettable dates of one’s life and newly wedded Hillary and Theresa are happy and oblivious to the harrowing events that await them on their wedding night on the 4th of April, 1944.
Based on true events, this is a story of a young couple's struggles in dealing with mental health issues, and societal reactions to this situation. Richanrd Mofe-Damijo plays the part of Hillary, a man who made a promise to love his wife until his last breath, as her mental health deteriorates. Help him win his AMVCA by voting here.



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