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Top five villain takedowns – #BestOf2022

30 December 2022
For these despicable five, we were glad our heroes chose vawulence.
villain takedowns

2022 almost seemed like the year of villains on Africa Magic. No jokes, they had us and our faves in a chokehold all season long. To be honest, if this was a football match, it is safe to say they had us pressed the entire game. We even lost a lot of players along the way. Thank goodness for extra time though because our faves finally got the power they needed to take down these villains. We were particularly glad that they didn’t choose peace. It was, to borrow from a popular term, “on sight”!

We had quite a lot of villain takedowns in 2022 and here is a list of our top five.

The fall of Dembele – Dilemma

If you followed Dilemma passionately, you’ll know why this villain takedown is number one on our list. This was one villain that drained us mentally and emotionally. In addition, he was just too difficult to kill. He was targeted several times but kept escaping and pulling a fast one on his pursuers. First, there was the assassination attempt at the restaurant, another at the wedding, and one where he even got revived. There was no killing this man. We all had to wait till the last episode for the climactic end of this villain. Seeing Kanan pull that trigger was the climatic television scene we never knew we needed.

It’s a wrap for Mama K – Venge

At first, we loved and rooted for her. High-handed as she was, she still showed a bit of compassion and motherly care to some of the girls while in prison. All that changed the moment she got out of jail. We saw a new vicious side to her and just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse… it did. The death of her daughter turned her into a savage like no other and we were shocked at the woman she became. It didn’t help that she made Yemi’s life hell and killed the woman he held dear. In addition, we found out that she was the one behind Bibi’s woes! Eventually, Bibi took her down, marking an end to her reign of terror.

William – Venge

Now, no one embodies evil like this young man. He’d kill you just for looking at him wrong and he’d do it with a smile. This young man chopped up a lady and sent her in boxes to her boyfriend. He once shot a poor defenseless woman who happened to be his boss’s daughter and did it without any remorse.  Williams was not just evil; he was also difficult to contain. Eventually, karma caught up with him and Bibi was there to finish him off.

Deathmatch for Dimka – Dilemma

Not only did Dimka make use of slave labour while creating the harshest working conditions in the mines to make money for his rich and powerful masters, but he also carried out their gruesome errands. He was a thorn in Kaineto’s flesh and tried to sabotage her numerous times. He was on the verge of murdering her son when he was killed by one of his aides.

Chief Owolabi/Yagbura – Venge

We have a tie for our fifth villain takedown of 2022. Both Chief Owolabi and Yagbura met gruesome ends. Chief Owolabi was a terrible father and a terrifying mob boss, and his death was simply Mama K cleaning up the mess because the police were sniffing too close. The last thing she wanted was for them to find a bloodied mob boss in her basement and risk the chance of him talking. Yagbura, on the other hand, didn’t see his end coming. He had a smug look on his face until Bibi revealed the drink he was having was poisoned. Yikes!

Watch the villain takedowns moments here

We could go on and on with this list because we already have some new contenders for this title, like Agbako from Itura, and Kane Ijimakinde, AK Ijimakinde, and Werey Wanle from Covenant. Something tells us there’s still a lot more havoc they are yet to wreck, so we’ll save them for next year. Which villain stood out for you in 2022? Click here to make your selection in our poll.