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Mama K and the tyrant vibes – Venge

18 August 2022
The Mama K we know now is a far cry from the Mama K we knew in prison.
Tyrant Mama K

Ever since the loss of her would-be grandchild and the murder of her daughter, Mama K has been making some questionable decisions that have caused people pain, pushed people away, and also raised suspicions about her motives. Her behavior has become increasingly erratic. Despite being fierce, feared, and nothing to mess with back when she was in prison, she is nothing like this villainous version we see today.

It’s unbelievable how she has become this way, but grief does things to people. In Mama K’s case, grief turned her into a tyrant!

A reign of tyranny

Mama K’s administration bears semblance to that of a military regime. Not only does she give orders arbitrarily, expecting everyone to do her bidding without question, but she has also succeeded in putting fear in the hearts of her men. Nothing gets done without her say so and woe betide you should you go behind her back.

Yemi, who was her right-hand man and held down the business while she was in prison, wasn't spared from her tyranny. As a matter of fact, he may have suffered the most for his blind loyalty to Mama K.

Humiliating Yemi

Not only did she disrespect and humiliate him in front of the gang, but she also insisted that the drug moguls that previously answered to Yemi cut ties with him. Her actions towards Yemi were puzzling, considering how loyal he has been to her; guess she blames him for the death of her daughter. That could explain why she didn't hesitate to kill Yemi's new love Estelle, whom she insists set off the chain of events that led to her daughter's death.

The senseless murders

This didn't start with Estelle though. It had been going on for quite some time. She indiscriminately killed the guys that were supposed to be guarding her daughter and only quite recently killed one of her men who expressed dissatisfaction with the way she was treating Yemi and running the business. This was just after she had Kachi murdered for being Chief Owolabi’s informant. As a matter of fact, these senseless killings were part of the bone of contention Yemi had with Mama K. As far as he was concerned, it was becoming difficult for him to keep the men loyal if at any random moment, she could have them shot on the spot.

Mama K's actions have really become a cause for concern and going by the prediction of the fans, there is no redemption for her, and only evil awaits her in the end.

Will Mama K change or will she remain set in her tyrannical ways? Find out on Venge showing every weekday on AM Showcase CH. 151 at 20:30 WAT.