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The two kingdoms finally become one – Iwe

20 January 2024
Under the reign of the mastermind and new King of Idu na Oba, Nwafor.
The two kingdoms finally become one – Iwe

Africa Magic Igbo's Iwe ended on a bittersweet note as the people of Idu Amaja and Oba Ekwe went to war but eventually became one in the end! The fight took a turn when Nwafor pulled a fast one on Eze Eyiche, who was unaware Eze Akuanyanugbou was actually Nwafor's father. 

Eze Eyiche and Eze Akuanyanugbou bow out 

Shocked and defeated on realising he had let his opposition into his kingdom, Eze Eyiche succumbed to causing chaos by holding his only child with Ojebo hostage and attempting to kill her while everyone watched. As Nwafor tried to stand up to him, Eze Akuanyanugbou stopped him, noting that the fight was his. The two Kings went at each other; Eze Akuanyanugbou was in the lead as he was able to wrestle Eze Eyiche to the ground, 

To avoid getting killed, the cunny Eze Eyiche decided to surrender and plead with Eze Akuanyanugbou to spare his life. However, you can't trust a man who killed for his spot on the throne; right when Eze Akuanyanugbou attempted to embrace him, Eze Eyiche stabbed him, leading to his unfortunate death, but Eze Akuanyanugbou also made sure Eze Eyiche went six feet under with him. 

Nwafor becomes King

With both Kings dead, the people of Idu Amaja and Oba Ekwe decided to do the right thing and go by the gods' one wish: to make sure the right and true King brought both kingdoms together and became the King of Idu na Oba. Nwafor and Odoba Ojebo were the only surviving descendants of Idu na Oba, making Nwafor the perfect candidate for the throne. On becoming King of Idu na Oba, Nwafor ensured every deserving person got their flowers and was assigned their rightful roles.

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