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Obus' quest for rent money – My Flatmates

29 July 2023
Freshly returned from the UK, but with an empty wallet, Obus embarks on a hilarious quest to secure rent money.
Obus rent quest

We have the latest 'I Just Got Back' legend in town – none other than Obus!

So, Obus was away in the UK for weeks, living his best life, you know how it is! And just like a hero returning from an epic quest, he made his grand entrance back home. But guess what? He didn't come back alone – he brought the quirkiest 'South centrool' English accent with him. It's so bizarre; seriously, you've got to hear it to believe it!

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Obus' return isn't the only news; it's also that time of year again – House rent dues! You'd think being a UK returnee, Obus would have no trouble footing the bill, especially with all his talk about imported goods and whatnot. But it turns out, he might be a little more broke than when he left!

Here's the kicker - Obus has had a complete personality makeover! He's transformed from a condescending know-it-all to a kind, charming version of himself. It's so dramatic that even his archrival, Mimi, can't believe her eyes. She received a cute bag from him and couldn't help but wonder if this is the real Obus or some kind of imposter.

But let's not be fooled! Beneath the charm lies a master plan – Obus can't pay his share of the rent, so he's plotting to borrow money from Frank (Mimi's fiancé). And how does he plan to do that? Well, he's buttering up Mimi big time. Once she's all sweet and happy, Frank will be an easy target for a loan, or so he thinks!

Oh, the drama! We're eagerly waiting to see how this elaborate scheme unfolds. Mimi isn't falling for it that easily, and we can't wait to find out if Obus' plan will end in hilarity or heartbreak. So stay tuned for the next episode of My Flatmates on DStv Africa Magic Showcase Ch. 151 at 18:30 WAT, and let's see what kind of madness Obus will bring to our screens!