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If Dilemma characters were #BBNaija Housemates

18 August 2022
The BBNaija Dilemma House; has a nice ring to it!
bbn dilemma

With the new season of Big Brother Naija living up to the drama it is known for, we took a moment to wonder what the House would look like if characters from our hit TV drama Dilemma, were to be Biggie’s Housemates for a season.

The very thought of it had us giddy with excitement. Just picture the romance, the fights, the betrayals, and the nerve-wracking competitions… Whoosh! We’d love to see anyone wrestle the remote out of our hands.

Just in case you aren’t completely sold on the chaos, drama, and excitement they’d bring, how about we paint you a more vivid picture of what a #BBNaija Dilemma season would look like.

The Ships

It's going to be all shades of romantic and messy at the same time. Tahir would probably give the same vibe as Groovy, juggling the affections of both Salma and Goldie. Kaineto and Kanan would probably be the darlings of most viewers. The passion they share would keep us glued to our screens. It is not always smooth sailing with them. Like Jackie B and Michael, they’d also have their lovers' tiffs. If you are looking for steamy sessions like the type Doyin and Cyph gave us at the Saturday Night Party, then Kanso and Yolaine are your Housemates, and here's all the proof you need.👇🏿

The fights

The fights would be endless. If it isn't Dembele hounding Kaineto to be the one in charge of the kitchen, it would Tahir getting into it with another Housemate who dares to dance with Salma during the Saturday Night Party. Salma also has a temper, so you know she’d probably get into a tussle too. Chances are quite high that she’d get disqualified though. She did slap Goldie when she confronted her about dating Tahir, and if the same happens in Biggie’s House, you know what that means – automatic disqualification! Then there is Zayn who probably just wants to fight for highlights and Zira who just likes to make a scene like Phyna.

The Tasks

We'd have Tanko, UV, Tahir, Kanso, and Newton all vying to come out tops during each Task. The Head of House games would be a delight to watch. Not only would they be fighting to evade possible Eviction and win amazing prizes, but they'd also be competing for honour. Newton would break down during a Diary Session with Biggie while lamenting about not being able to win Head of House after trying for the fifth time.

 The Diary Sessions

Well, we already know what Newton would be talking about, but that's not all. He'd be on Biggie's neck about how he wants to surprise Aaliyah with a dinner treat and if Biggie could grant him this one wish. The moment Biggie does grant him this wish, guess who would be back the next day complaining about how Aaliyah decided to spend the rest of the night with Zayn instead of him? Yup! Newton! Yolaine, Salma, Goldie, and Rumi would probably fill Biggie's ears with relationship trouble too, while Dembele and Kaineto would be ranting to Biggie about each other.

That’s not all. There’s the Saturday Night Party that would be off the chain, the Pool Party, and the Live Show. We trust Ebuka to shake their tables and you know the Waziris never run from a messy tell-all. Ebuka might have to call ‘time out’ when they start spilling.

It’s not only the Waziris who know how to stir up drama. If there’s one thing we know about all the other characters on Dilemma, they know how to bring the heat. Each character is so unique and exciting in their own way, you can bet they’d turn Biggie’s House into a cocktail of drama, tension, romance, and vawulence. We would like three glasses, please!