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Top five deaths on Covenant

24 June 2023
A thrilling journey into the world of shocking violence and deaths on Covenant
Covenant Murder

With its premium blend of suspense, violence, and jaw-dropping deaths, it's no wonder that Covenant has become a sensation. From the first shocking moments, Covenant has proven to be a master of suspense, making each death an unforgettable and utterly fascinating experience. While the deaths may be gruesome, they have become some of the most talked-about moments of the series.

Brace yourselves as we count down the top five deaths on Covenant, each more shocking than the last.

A betrayal beyond measure

Our first shocking death takes us to the heart-wrenching murder of Onome by none other than his best friend, Santiago. Motivated by greed and a desire to take over the coveted Aguja En Eil Cielo renovation contract, Santiago pushed Onome off the very building they were celebrating on. The tragedy of this murder cuts even deeper when you consider that Onome's family regarded him as their own child. Santiago's actions have forever shattered trust and left us wondering: how far would you go for power and success?

The lion's fall

Korede Animashaun, the formidable Chairman of Road Transport Workers (RTW) Lagos Chapter, was known as the lion of the streets. As a modern-day Robin Hood, he stole from the rich to uplift the slums. His defiance against the dumping of illegal waste in the slums led to his demise at the hands of Adekunle Ijimakinde. Korede's death set off a domino effect of chaos, with the rise of the notorious Werey Wanle and setting his wife, Alhaja Ronke Animashaun, on a path of vengeance against the Ijimakinde family. It's a grim reminder that even the noblest intentions can have dire consequences.

A doctor with a dangerous passion

Panshek, a compassionate doctor dedicated to serving his community in Orita Meta, found himself embroiled in a deadly confrontation. His relentless advocacy for a better life for his people clashed with the interests of Millicent's family. Tragically, Panshek met his untimely demise at the hands of the very family connected to his love interest, Millicent. Fatimah Erhu, Millicent's step mum, couldn't handle Panshek's meddling in their affairs, and her solution was to silence him forever. Millicent mourned his loss deeply, carrying the weight of his death for a long time.

A thorn in Adaora's Side

Let's talk about Chief Olorogun Ehru, the ultimate thorn in Adaora's side. This guy was like a persistent mosquito, always buzzing around and making her life miserable. From taking advantage of her to incessantly harassing her, Chief Erhu was a real piece of work. But karma has its way of catching up, and Chief Erhu's demise was nothing short of dramatic. When he stumbled upon Adaora in a compromising situation with Santiago, his fury knew no bounds.  In the ensuing chaos, Adaora unleashed her rage, repeatedly striking him until he met his demise.

The fall of the Godmother

Here comes the plot twist of the century—Dame Olarotimi Wellington Stone, the untouchable Godmother of Lagos politics, met her match! This woman was like a shadow, pulling the strings and making everyone dance to her tune. Her power and influence seemed to know no bounds, and crossing her was like playing with fire. But life has a funny way of throwing curveballs, and no one saw this one coming. Nkechi Ijimakinde, someone Dame Stone had empowered and trusted, turned the tables on her in the most shocking way possible. With a swift stab to the neck, the Godmother was no more!

Let's give a shoutout to some honorable mentions in the realm of jaw-dropping deaths! We have the fiery fate of Sisi Yellow, who found herself on the wrong side of Alhaja Ronke's fiery temper and got set ablaze. Then there's Pangolo, whose throat was slit in a scene that left us all gasping for air. Let's not forget Saratu, caught in the crossfire while tangled up in a scuffle with the feisty Millicent bent on revenging Panshek's death

Watch this highlight filled with epic deaths

With Covenant's penchant for thrilling twists, there are undoubtedly a lot more where that came from, and we have front-row seats to the thrilling drama. So don't even think about missing out! Tune in to Covenant every weekday on Africa Magic Showcase Ch. 151 at 20:00 WAT for all the actions.