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Shocking reactions to Covenant season finale

30 September 2023
Covenant's finale brought the curtain down with a series of shocking revelations that had fans in a state of absolute awe!
Shocking reactions to Covenant season finale

After 260 heart-pounding episodes, Covenant's sensational journey came to an epic end, leaving fans on the edge of their seats. Social media was buzzing with reactions as viewers couldn't contain their excitement and emotions. From jaw-dropping surprises to unexpected resurrections, here's a look at the electrifying reactions and commentary from the Covenant fan community.

JK's miraculous return
So, remember when Eziza looked like he broke JK's neck? Plot twist! It was all a setup to fool MKI. JK strolled in like a boss, dressed in white, and we were left screaming, "JK, you sly devil!"

The cat with nine lives

Santiago's return from the brink of death astonished fans. Many likened him to a cat with nine lives, but not everyone was thrilled to see him make a comeback.

Santiago's ghostly friends
Santiago's punishment? Seeing the ghosts of his victims. Talk about poetic justice! We couldn't help but cackle at his haunted misery. Santiago's new career? "Ghost whisperer! "

Facing the Mob
Residents of Orita Metta, one of the worst hit communities by MKI, went full-on mob mode, storming MKI's crib, demanding justice. And guess who served it up? JK, his own flesh and blood, dished out the ultimate punishment!

Governor Millicent, Y'all!
In a twist that made us spill our popcorn, Millicent became Governor. With MKI out of the picture, JK's the new Godfather. Move over, old folks; the young ones are taking charge!

AK the unstoppable stab survivor
AK took multiple stabs like a champ and lived to tell the tale. We were low-key impressed by his pain tolerance.

MKI woke up from a coma?!
Just when we thought MKI was a goner, he woke up from a coma! Our jaws dropped so hard; we're still looking for them.

Millicent's family drama
Millicent's got a new headache: her mom and a crazy sister. We're already popping the popcorn for this upcoming family feud!

Showering love on the cast!
Last but not least, we couldn't stop gushing about the incredible cast. They slayed, and we made sure they knew it!

Covenant's finale was everything! We laughed, we cried, and we memed the heck out of it. To the Covenant crew, thanks for the epic ride! We'll be waiting for the spin-off! In the meantime, reconnect now using the #MyDStv or #MyGOtv apps to binge-watch Covenant on the DStv app.