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Santiago's revenge mission – Covenant

26 August 2023
With memories of his parents' brutal murder seared into his soul, Santiago begins his quest for retribution against the families responsible.
Santiago's revenge mission – Covenant

Santiago's journey unfurled from a young boy haunted by a traumatic past to an unyielding avenger with scores to settle. A memory of his parents' murder, orchestrated by their closest friends, etched a permanent scar on his soul. Fast forwarding to the present, Santiago, now a grown man, is embarking on a mission fueled by revenge – a quest to dismantle the three families accountable for his parents' tragic demise.

Igniting the flames of vengeance
The shocking betrayal and brutal murder, committed by their once-close allies, became a driving force that shapes Santiago's life. Years later, a grown Santiago is consumed by an all-consuming thirst for retribution. The families at fault – The Erhu's, Ijimakindes, and FGK – find themselves at the center of his storm.

Erhu's Son and Chief Erhu's downfall
With a heart set on revenge, Santiago didn't hesitate to take matters into his own hands. He achieved headway in his mission with the demise of Onome Erhu. Santiago's pursuit of justice didn't stop there; he also played a role in Chief Erhu's untimely demise.

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Duchess joins the fight
As fate interwove its threads, Santiago's path converged with a long-lost kin—Duchess, his sister. A reunion ignited an oath of vengeance, cementing their shared mission to avenge their parents' deaths. Their united front offered a glimpse of a promising future, where justice prevails over darkness.

Duchess's tragic demise
But as the plot deepens, the story takes an unexpected turn. Tragedy struck again as Duchess fell victim to MKI, following the revelation of her true identity. The revelation that FGK had a hand in exposing Duchess's identity ignited Santiago's fury to unparalleled heights.

Watch Fejiro's murder

Santiago vs. FGK
Santiago's anger metamorphosed into an uncontainable tempest. He apprehended FGK, meting out his own brand of justice. The pain that had festered within him manifested in an unrelenting act of vengeance. With each stab, Santiago reclaimed fragments of his shattered soul.

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The final showdown
Santiago's mission is not yet complete. The Erhus and Ijimakindes stand as the final obstacles on his path to closure. A treacherous journey lies ahead, but Santiago has proven time and again that his resilience knows no bounds. The battle against these remaining families will test his limits, but the burning fire of vengeance fuels his determination. Witness Santiago's unwavering resolve and his final moves in this high-stakes game. Tune in to Covenant, airing every weeknight on DStv Africa Magic Showcase Ch. 151 at 8 pm WAT.