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5 OMG moments that made us addicted to Covenant

30 September 2023
From heart-pounding action to a gripping storyline, here are all the moments in Covenant that had us absolutely captivated.
5 OMG moments that made us addicted to Covenant

Covenant just dropped a season finale that had us screaming "OMG" from start to finish! This show served up a buffet of drama, romance, suspense, and gripping. While the season may have ended, the memories of these epic moments are forever etched in our hearts. So, let's dive right into the top five moments from the first season of Covenant that had us completely addicted!

Rated 18 for a reason
In the very first episode, Covenant made a bold statement by unleashing its dark side. Two bodies hit the ground, courtesy of the Ijimakindes! Discovering their torture chamber sealed the deal for us; these guys were the real deal in the "Rated 18" department. We knew then and there that we were in for a wild ride. Murder and mayhem? Check and check!

Watch the first episode

JK, Talia, and Millicent's love triangle
JKI and Millicent knew their engagement was a business deal devoid of love, but when JKI abandoned his own engagement party to be with Talia, our jaws hit the floor! Millicent's awkward wait at the party while JKI was lost in a whirlwind of passion with Talia was the definition of DRAMA. It's like watching a telenovela, only juicier!

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Death central in Covenant!
Covenant was basically Murder HQ, and each death was a shock to our systems. From Santiago's dark deeds to Adaora's revenge and Fatimah's ruthless hit job, this show pulled no punches. But Ata Din Din's murder was the pièce de résistance. We all secretly cheered because if anyone deserved a horrific end, it was him!

Watch his death

The game of politics
The high-stakes power plays, betrayals, and power grabs had us on the edge of our seats. Watching Deputy Governor Gbadamosi snatch the governor's seat from MKI, only to be unseated by his own deputy, Fatimah Erhu, was a political rollercoaster we couldn't resist. Ata Din Din's quest for the chairman position at the National Road Transport Association? Pure political drama gold!

Watch MKI and Gbadamosi tussle

The epic finale
The finale had us clutching our hearts. First, the revelation that JK faked his own death? Mind-blowing! Watching him take out Alhaja Ronke for trying to murder his brother and then shooting his own dad? Peak entertainment! And Millicent rising to become Governor of Lagos State after dethroning her mom, Fatimah? The irony was just delicious. It was a finale we'll be talking about for years to come!

Watch it here

Covenant has given us moments that will go down in TV history. If you're itching to relive these epic moments, it's time to reconnect now using the #MyDStv or #MyGOtv apps and binge-watch all the episodes on the DStv Stream app. Because when Covenant calls, you answer!