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Santiago Covenant

Santiago ‘Santi’ Dos Santos

Santiago is a street-savvy businessman, real estate developer, and the owner of MI CASA SU CASA by SANTI. After murdering the rightful winner of the AGUJA EN EL CIELO renovation bid, Onome Erhu, he is thrown into a working relationship with both Adaora Nwelue Bhadmus, and MKI. With Adaora, Santiago is in his elements as it concerns real estate development, however, with MKI, Santiago is thrust in the middle of a power tussle between the ex-governor of Lagos State, MKI, and the present Governor of Lagos State, GJG. In the course of events, he discovers the four families that had a hand in the ruin of the Kokori family and he becomes a willing accomplice in the revenge plot but leans towards financial ruin as an appropriate punishment for the families.

Street and book smart, intelligent, chameleon, strategic, flexible, ambitious, pragmatic, diplomatic, unafraid, and brave

Greedy, bites more than he can chew, unscrupulous, liar, trauma, commitment issues, disloyal, self-centered, and selfish

Vengeance, power, affluence, money, respect, influence, and revenge


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