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Dame Covenant

Dame Olarotimi Wellington Stone

Dame Olarotimi Wellington Stone is a woman of mystery. She calls the shots when it comes to politics in Lagos State. She will not be questioned and she admonishes those who step out of line like they are little children, almost as if she derives joy from emasculating erring men. In Lagos politics, her reach and power are unprecedented, and resisting her has unpleasant and swift consequences.

Politically savvy, sophisticated, classy, connected

 Believes she is too powerful for anyone to plot her downfall, and underestimates the ambition and hunger for power that is latent in MKI.

To hold on to the oars of the ship that is Lagos, to keep her minions in line, successful elections in the next electoral cycle.

To get control of her out-of-control minion MKI, to put him under her thumb, and to cede power to the younger generation.

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