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Day 54 – 15 Sept: Somgel relationship woes and a love triangle – BBNaija

15 September 2023
Simmering love triangles and relationship complications are the order of the day for the All Stars.

As the euphoria of last night's pool and grill party wears off, the All Stars return to the reality of relationship drama and flirty decisions made.

Somgel palava

The relationship between Angel and Soma is one that is not devoid of bumps, and these two are currently encountering one. This morning, Soma had a conversation with Venita to air his thoughts about Angel and give an insight into the issue. Apparently, their issue stemmed from a playful retort, which Angel didn't take kindly to. In Soma's words, "It was a stupid issue." He also explained that Angel is fond of discussing her feelings when she is intoxicated, something he doesn't appreciate. Referring to the pool and grill party, Soma also disclosed to Venita how he made a drink for Angel and how she refused the drink instead opting for Cross' pineapple drink even though she is allergic to pineapples. Soma interpreted this move as Angel trying to make him jealous.

Venita, playing the role of a relationship counsellor, advised Soma to talk it out with Angel. This advice didn't play out well, as Angel rebuffed Soma's gesture to have a conversation with her. When Soma shared this feedback with Venita, the latter counselled him to leave it for now, and that she would talk with her later. 

The kissing booth is now open

Barely hours after Whitemoney sealed the WhiteLambo ship with a kiss, Mercy Eke was seen locking lips with Pere at the same pool and grill party. In a flirty move that left other All Stars wondering what was going on, Mercy Eke didn't seem to mind as she had fun kissing both men. Later this morning, Angel asked Mercy Eke what her kissing count was, and she responded, "Two." To show that she wasn't done flirting, she twerked a storm for Pere in the kitchen, and he warned her to stay away from him. In his words, "I will give it to you oh, you know say I no dey waste time."  What is Mercy up to with Pere and Whitemoney?

Ilebaye's antics

Gen Z baddie, Ilebaye, was the topic of discussion among Ceec, Sholzy, Soma, and Whitemoney as they highlighted her antics. They expressed their displeasure about her quarrel with Cross last night concerning the missing alcohol at the pool and grill party. Soma said, "I feel she lies too much," to which Whitemoney agreed, concluding that Ilebaye was greedy. Ceec affirmed that Ilebaye was mean and that everything she has done so far should not be blamed on alcohol. 

Watch Cross and Ilebaye missing alcohol drama

With all that has happened so far between the All Stars, it is clear that drama and tension are not dissipating soon, and as they navigate all of these, we can't help but wonder what Sunday's eviction will bring.

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