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Day 45 – 6 Sept: Pere in onesie jail with Neoenergy while navigating love triangle - BBNaija

06 September 2023
Biggie's punishments are never boring, even better when one is in a love rut.

The punishment for Neoenergy and Pere came in today. They were to share a onesie and embark on housekeeping duties, which involved cleaning the house and doing the dishes. This punishment is a result of both of them constantly breaking the house rules on communication. In summary, they were often found whispering when having conversations, and Biggie didn't disappoint as he found a way to creatively punish them.

After the All Stars morning exercise, head of house Sholzy read the details of the punishment to Neoenergy and Pere, and as he did, a dark cloud fell on both of them. While Pere was calm about it, Neoenergy wasn't. He shouted at Sholzy on a task-related matter. Sholzy addressed Neoenergy about the matter, and it was settled amidst bants.

The third wheel

As Neoenergy and Pere worked, they discussed other housemates one of whom was Kim Oprah. They agreed that there indeed was a triangle going on with Kim Oprah. Pere said that "God forbid" he runs around, following Kim Oprah. He concluded that he was out of the chase and he couldn't follow Kim Oprah anymore. According to Pere, Kim Oprah is playing games with both of them. When Pere mentioned that Kim Oprah said she was just friends with Cross, Neoenergy responded by saying that Cross and Kim Oprah take showers together every day. He advised Pere to take his mind off it, as he is constantly looking like the third wheel.  Will Pere be able to switch off his feelings for Kim Oprah?

Making jest

Alex and Kim Oprah found the Neoenergy and Pere's onesie punishment quite funny, as they made fun of the boys, calling Pere the whispering general 🤣. Pere didn't react while this was happening so Alex took it a step further. She told Neoenergy that it was because of their whispering and gossip that they were in 'onesie jail' to which Neoenergy responded that Alex was jobless. They both exchanged curses before taking a nap in their onesies. The line between humour and being serious can be blurry at times and we hope Alex can recognise it.

Somgel in troubled waters?

All is not well on the Somgel ship. This morning, Alex was seen encouraging Soma to take his bath and prepare for the day instead of crying and sleeping. She went on to say that the person he was crying for had taken her bath and looked ready for the day.  At this time, Angel looked unbothered as she ate breakfast and observed the task going on. She was later seen singing some love songs while painting leaves for their task. Will Somgel find their way back to each other?

Amidst the ups and downs in the Big Brother Naija All Stars house, the housemates seem to be taking their wager preparation seriously. How long will this last? We'll soon find out.

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