Season 8 strip

Day 20 – 12 Aug: A night full of surprises – BBNaija

12 August 2023
From the parrot spilling gist again to Biggie surprising the housemates with a treat and Frodd's announcement, their wager task loss took a surprising turn.
A group of peole sitting

On leaving the Arena after accepting their wager loss, the housemates met the night's first surprise; food magically appearing on the table from their hideouts. Following that, the BBNaija parrot revealed gossip from housemates' conversations; the All Stars watched their Nollywood-inspired film, and Frodd shared the good news about the birth of his baby girl.

Venita and Angel are at the center of the parrot's gist

"Thank you for the back-to-back Parrot highlight," exclaimed Venita after falling victim to Biggie's scandalous parrot yet again. Conversations around Angel's attitude and plans to take out the BBNaija ships, like Venita and Adekunle's, were the focus of the gossip reveal. Angel and Venita were keen on discovering who said this about them; they spoke openly and asked the guilty parties to speak up, but no one did. 

Ike and Mercy have an argument

After the parrot drama died down, the All Stars pondered on their wager loss; most housemates blamed Hoh Ike and his eccentric leadership style. As they munched on the refreshments and watched their edited Nollywood movie, a fight brewed between Mercy Eke and Ike over food. Mercy Eke was trying to save some treats for Frodd, and Ike accused her of trying to take more than others. Mercy Eke was furious, then exclaimed, "That's why we lost our wager because of your arrogance."

Frodd addresses the housemates

To crown the nights' activities and lighten the mood of the house, the latest All Star dad Frodd celebrated the housemates for getting through the week despite their loss. He thanked the All Stars for pardoning him and then informed them about the birth of his daughter, which the housemates received with cheer and a massive show of support.

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