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Day 25: In the matter of Saga and Nini – BBNaija

18 August 2021
Saga and Nini's kissing goes to the Shine Ya Eye court, and the verdict is unclear.
Day 25: In the matter of Saga and Nini – BBNaija

The usual route for contentious topics in the House is for them to end up in a court – of sorts – where the Housemates can either act as lawyers or judges in the matter.

The two parties to today’s hilarious court session were Saga and Nini, and the matter in question was, “who kissed whom, first?”

Well, their Heads of Argument revolved around the key matter of who stood still? Who advanced for the kiss, and who kissed back? The two judges on the bench were Saskay and Peace. Saga joked about how they need to move around with lawyers, and we know just the right Housemates who can advocate most passionately on their behalf.

When it came to testimony, Saga was the first to present his case by showing how he stood still and how Nini proceeded to kiss him ten times.  Nini objected in her own defence and showed that this was not an isolated incident .👀  Allegedly, Saga had busted her lip three days ago and, in his defence, he claimed he also sustained an injury to his head.

While the arguments were hilarious, Peace – as Acting judge – decided to adjourn the case. Clearly, more facts might need to be presented, later.

Given the way things have been between Nini and Saga, we are excited to see them get cosier and more comfortable around each other. Saga has been showing his interest, and – like most people –we feared his interest may be unrequited, but geng, here we are now, and it’s about to get more interesting from here.

We hope the other Housemates are taking notes and not flip-flopping on their love interests; do Saga-like and just maybe they’ll be on their way to a whole new Loveland.☕️

Now, as it pertains to the matter before this court, we would like to know what your ruling is in this matter.

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