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Day 20: The Housemates have love on the brain – BBNaija

13 August 2021
Today's Diary Session gave us all the details we have been waiting for regarding the relationships in the House.

This afternoon, the Housemates opened up about their crushes and spilled some tea on the ships in the House. 

In case you missed it, don't worry! We have the juicy details neatly packed just for you. 

Sounds like a sure thing 

Michael and Jackie B have been on the names of most Housemates when it comes to a ship that’s ready to set sail. We've seen them bonding over the past few days and it seems Jackie B's affectionate use of Mikey instead of his full name is proof enough that there's an element of closeness now. We wonder what their couple name would be?  

According to majority of the House, Emmanuel and Liquorose are a “thing”. They seem really close and like each other. The two have been inseparable lately and seem to be adjusting better in the House, especially after falling out during the Wildcard week. It’s heart-warming to see a love that’s also forgiving. 

Still shaky 

Nini and Saga were mentioned by most Housemates as a ship that’s not yet quite a ship, but may sail when everyone least expects it. Although the House knows that Nini has a boyfriend outside the House, the Housemates agree that the pair has been getting closer to one another every day. Apparently, there were things between the two that were off the table before, that are now on the table. Hmmm...wonder what those could be.   

Saga also told Boma when he heard Nini was up for possible Eviction, he was tempted to sacrifice himself to take her placeinstead. Well, alrighty then! Will Saga prove perseverance is king and eventually bag Nini inside, or outside the House? Peace has used their ship to reference a person going for what they like or want as “to do Saga-like" and honestly, we’re feeling it. 

Kind of confusing 

Maria and Pere’s name popped up often with Housemates not being sure what kind of relationship these two might have. Queen says, although the pair insists they don’t have anything going on their interaction says otherwise. 

Cross, on the other hand, likes Maria and he isn’t sure if it’s his craziness that’s attracted to her crazy. He also likes Angel and is attracted to her emotional side. The woman who has his heart however, appears to be Saskay. Cross admits that although he likes Saskay, he wants to get to know everyone in the House and not just the women. Smells like a pyramid waiting to happen, to us. 

The complicated 

According to Peace, Saskay thinks Cross is too "out there” with his personality and sexuality and wants him to tone it down a little, before they can get anything on. Cross wants to be sure they are official first as a show of acceptance for the way he is. Saskay has her hands full in the meantime, as she tries to figure out what to do about Yousef and Jaypaul’s interest in her.  

We could go on about the pairings happening in the House, but one thing we know for sure is that there’s a love bug in Big Brother’s House.  

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