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Day 2: Peace is the first HoH of the Season! – BBNaija

26 July 2021
All hail the new rulers of the roost
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Girl power!

Peace is sitting pretty at the top of the food chain this week, after blasting through a tightly contested Head of House Challenge, the first for the Shine Ya Eye Season. Joining her at the top is Yousef, who she picked as her Deputy. 

The Challenge saw our Housemates go head to head for this all-important title, in the tastefully decorated new Games Lounge. Before kicking off the first Head of House Challenge, Big Brother made it a point to chastise the Housemates for taking too long to make their way to the Games Lounge. After that stern talking-to, Big Brother walked the gang through the rules of the HoH Challenge.

But first, the incentive:

“Whoever wins tonight will gain Immunity from the week’s possible Eviction, at the same time gaining exclusive access to the Head of House Lounge for the week, and the liberty to pick one Housemate as Deputy with whom they will share the Head of House Lounge.”

Big Brother also explained that although the Games will be constant all Season, specific elements like the Challenges, will change every week. Biggie then gave the Housemates a moment to walk around and familiarise themselves with the mat, then after the niceties, it was time for the race to the top to kick off in earnest.

The rules of the game:

*Once you hear the buzzer, you must proceed to pick the die and throw it into the dice rolling machine. 

*If you roll any number except a six, you have to try again, and again until you get a six.

*If you roll a six, you must fetch the pawn piece and place it on the start point. This means your game has begun.

*Once, your pawn piece is on the start point, you must throw the die again and move your steps according to the number on the die. So for instance, if you’re already on step number 5 and you throw a 3. This means you have to move your piece 3 steps forward taking you to step number 8.

*Remember, the aim of the game is to either get to the “Big Brother eye” step or at least go further than your fellow house-mates…. so, a little speed would be advisable.

How it started...

The Housemates huddled together, game faces on lock. Yerins was first to be called to the front. You could hear a pin drop as he stared into the distance anxiously, awaiting the sound of the buzzer. An unsettling quiet descended over the Lounge while some Housemates gesticulated secretly in the background, possibly explaining the rules of the Game to their counterparts, who looked like they needed further clarity. After a false start, Yerins was off! He rolled the dice, while a heart-stopping soundtrack boomed over the speakers. He had to receive help from his fellow Housemates. By the time he blew on the pink balloon, the buzzer sounded – and a tired Yerins panted loudly, hands on his waist.

Nini was next and displayed a great showing. She hopped four times and the buzzer sounded, but unfortunately, she had jumped, instead of hopping on one leg. Saga seemed to be on a never-ending ferris wheel of toss-the-dice and eventually, the buzzer sounded without him having had any joy. Princess on the other hand went off to a flying start, not in a good way. Her dice flew and landed on the tiles. Joy came eventually, but it was too late. Her fellow Housemates did the sportsmanly thing and applauded her efforts.

Cross looked more like a dancer than a man contesting for the Head of House title, but that seemed to work for him because he was off! He grabbed a balloon, blew it, tied it, but was unlucky as the buzzer reverberated across the Lounge.  Maria had better luck than most and injected some much-needed funk into the Games, courtesy of a stunning display that had the Housemates cheering loudly. That seemed to turn things around because Boma followed with an impressive display of his own on the mat.

Rolling on...

Peace, on the other hand, seemed to be a ball of nerves and looked unsure throughout. However, the applause from her fellow Housemates seemed to inspire her to give it her best shot – and it worked! A beanie-clad Yousef seemed to dither about, but seemed to find a way to get his feet moving faster than they can carry him and managed to tie a balloon as purple as his choice of headgear.

Beatrice seemed to be getting her cardio in, and pulled off a great showing, but didn’t manage to get too far. Lanky Niyi almost failed to get past the first stage but pulled through in the end. He didn’t look too interested in blowing his blue balloon further than his lungs could carry him – and he abandoned it as soon as it resembled a bubble. Angel, however, failed to pull off a display as dazzling as her glittery belly chain.

Pere on the other hand seemed to have luck on his side and as he dashed to and fro and it seemed he had it in the bag. His fellow Housemates sensed it too and some of the girls could be heard yelling their encouragement. It was all too much for Jaypaul who grabbed his head. Tega also made light work of things and got some nice applause, while the rest of the Housemates monitored the situation.

Sammie inspired some cheers too with his performances but eventually, he looked like he had confused himself. Liquorose received no joy as she tossed the dice over and over, mumbling under her breath. Jaypaul did his best and almost trapped the dice like it was a soccer ball when it went wayward, but he quickly remembered this was not the football field. Arin had the full support of the girls and got daps and hugs for her efforts.

The homestretch...

Whitemoney did a half-stretch before the buzzer went off and though he started fast, he punctuated sprints with leisurely strolls. After pulling off a confident display, the buzzer sounded. Saskay blasted off like a horse at a race track, but was frustrated by the dice that wasn't cooperating. She blew her balloon and struggled to tie it and when the buzzer went off, she sounded like she had been on a 10km sprint.

Emmanuel was cool as a cucumber throughout his turn, then Jackie B closed things off in dramatic fashion. She threw her glasses off, to show just how serious she was – and serious she was. By the end of her turn, she was wheezing, earning herself high fives upon her return.

How it ended...

All those high fives weren't enough, however, because in the end, it was Peace who emerged victorious. She beamed excitedly when Biggie made the announcement, while her Housemates cheered loudly for her – and when Biggie asked her who she would pick as Deputy HoH, she didn't hesitate. "Yousef," she exclaimed.

Peace gets exclusive use of the Head of House Suite and for the next two days and she is welcome to have visitors over, only if they don't sleepover.

Congratulations to Peace and Yousef!

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