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A leopard doesn’t change its spots - Unmarried

28 February 2022
Funbi’s mum still hasn’t changed from the deceitful and greedy woman we once knew.
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If you ever made a glowing remark about the wonderful things mothers do, and then someone replies, "not all mothers", that person is most likely Funbi. She has valid reasons for her response.

Funbi's relationship with her mother has not been the best. From constantly sponging off her and nagging her with demands, Funbi's mum hasn't always been the great mother figure any young lady needs. Seriously, who urges her daughter to go find a wealthy man while she still grieves the loss of her baby?

Even though she offered advice that seem veiled in motherly care from time to time to motivate Funbi, most really came purely from selfish interests. The constant bickering, fights, and hurts didn't help and it drove them apart.

Once again, she made her way back into Funbi's life, claiming she needed forgiveness and restitution, especially now that she was experiencing a life-threatening illness.

For a moment we thought she had turned a new leaf and genuinely wanted to mend fences with her daughter. It didn't take too long for us to discover she was still the same. A leopard doesn't really change its spots after all. It turns out her Funbi's mum was lying about having cancer just to fleece her daughter of money. Her alleged medical bills ran into millions and she expected Funbi to cough up the money to pay for it.

Interestingly it was Funbi's abusive fiancé, Ali who played a major role in bringing them together that uncovered her fake ailment. Despite this, his twisted nature led him to take advantage of the situation. He not only blackmailed her to keep Funbi on the straight and narrow and portray him as the man her daughter truly deserves, but he also threatened to snap her neck if she deviated from this plan.

If he had known money would be enough to persuade, he probably wouldn't have used threats. No sooner had he credited her account with a million Naira that she turned giddy with excitement. Ultimately, we have a selfish mother who wants her daughter to remain with an abusive man to maximize her monetary gain.

Mothers are wonderful and out of them flows the fountain of happiness, but sometimes, there are good reasons for that one person who says, "Not all mothers." Will Funbi's mum change her mind as the season goes on? Will she redeem herself or continue on the path to destruction dragging her daughter along with her? We will just have to keep watching Unmarried every Wednesday at 2100 WAT on AM Showcase to find out.