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Love, get heartbroken, repeat! – Unmarried

24 March 2021
Here’s what’s been going on with the Unmarried ladies.
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The juice has been hitting the fan and creating an illusion of sweet sentimental rainfall for the ladies - and it seems like for a few moments there, Nengi believed she could have a baby by her ‘long-throat’ lover Ade, Kamsi convinced herself that Kingsley was thee darling and Funbi! Well, Funbi seems to be fond of swimming in muddy waters and getting her garments stained! Here’s what’s been happening in the compound.

Two birds, no stone!  

Nengi’s quest to motherhood took a halt after the umm, ‘obstacles’ thrown forward by her greedy toy boy Ade and the humiliating proposal that was staged to ‘do her a favour and save her from the woes of single motherhood (aren’t we glad that sheep sailed and sank?!). She was thrown back into the whirlwind of uncertainty and landed back where she began. Single and childless.

The universe listened to her desperate cries though because Efe came into the picture and added hope and colour to its borders. Unlike Ade, his interest in Nengi seemed genuine enough. So genuine, he was almost always at Nengi’s - catering to her every need.

Now that hope had been restored, the Doctor’s appointments resumed, but so did the crying. Nengi’s desperation to have a child moved her Doctor so much, he started making frequent home visits that were met with a few intense embraces, a kiss here and there, and finally, an “I love you and I want to be the father of your kids!”. 

As we dey gist, Nengi is torn between these two men and our eyes itch from all the flashy red flags. We’re hoping it doesn’t end in tears!

Chasing passion, fighting the connection.

While Nengi is stuck in sweet Euphoria, Kamsi still struggles to put her emotions in check and can’t tell what she feels from what she needs. After a failed attempt at a healthy relationship post-breakup with her baby daddy and hubby Lotanna, Kamsi decided to collect her life’s pieces and slowly put them together.

Finally, all roads seemed to be leading to peace and when Kingsley came into the picture, to love too! After all, Lota decided to pursue a relationship with Ivie and made it clear that he was all in when he force-fed Kamsi humble pie and made her apologize to Ivie for being rude to her. So Kamsi was at a point where she didn’t need to hide pursuits or feel guilty for wanting to move on. The green card had been dealt.

Things took a rather bitter turn when in Kingsley’s company, Kamsi received a call alerting of her son Junior’s bike accident. He was in a coma. What she heard at that moment were voices accusing her of basking in another man’s embrace while her son was fighting for his life. All she wanted was to be with her family now, Lota included.

The entire ordeal saw her and Lota pushing and pulling, blaming each other for the misfortunes that befell their family and speaking ill of each other’s partners. Kamsi was jealous that Ivie was calling, and Lota got mad that Kingsley was checking in. Needless to say, the pair came to the conclusion that maybe they were meant to be together and sealed the thought with a kiss.  

Unfortunate Funbi

There were suspicions about his intentions. Funbi knew better than to go back into a pit she fought so long and hard to come out of. Chuka had broken her in the most unimaginable ways, and she didn’t want to feel that gain. Chief Debo knew this because she laid it all on the table. She opened up and shared her fears with him. He promised to do better. Be better.

As soon as Chief dangled luxury and promised Funbi a life better than the one she had before, she folded and put her guard down. She got blind-sighted by the truckload of gifts and trusted that he’d leave his wife and build a life with her. Well, welcome back to the familiar because just like Chuka, Chief pulled the rug from under her. She found him in the company of younger girls and was told she wasn’t good enough.

Unable to deal with the emotion of it all, Funbi attempted to take her own life, and while recovering from the ordeal, her mother drove the point of her uselessness home. She reminded Funbi of her weaknesses and even went as far as blaming her for her own misfortunes. Tough love, she called it!

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