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All the hearts Nengi has broken! – Unmarried

07 April 2021
This is how Nengi went from being the heartbroken, to the ultimate heartbreaker.
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It isn’t news that Nengi has gone through the most since her messy break-up with her ex-hubby, Atonye who as you may remember, went on to marry the mother of his 7-year-old son while Nengi remained oblivious. Her most recent escapades proved to be a bit much when two well-meaning men were drawn in and left competing for her broken heart. Let’s look at how Nengi has been navigating the dating scene while breaking a few hearts.

Ade today, gone tomorrow!

At first, Ade seemed to have a good grip on all the ropes; doing Nengi a favour by entertaining her while getting his bag, and going as far as staging a proposal just so his hold on the cash could be solidified. His control seemed to have been stretched further by Nengi’s desperation for a child – but because the wheels were destined to turn, Nengi snatched the ropes and yanked her toy boy out the window, leaving him as shocked as he was broke.

Efe, Mr ‘I wanna be your man’!

This relationship seemed a bit more balanced than Nengi’s previous ‘experiments’ because Efe has his own and couldn’t have gone into it for the Naira. His enthusiasm and general demeanour showed everyone, including often sceptical Kamsi that he was serious about making things work with Nengi, but thanks to home girl’s inability to fix the blurred lines with the doctor, Efe swallowed a pot of sour yam porridge.

Dr steal your girl.

We absolutely can’t touch on this without first mentioning how the doctor set himself up for failure when instead of focusing on his professional input, decided to go personal and ‘befriend’ his patient in distress. Now, Nengi obviously found comfort in the Dr’s words of assurance regarding her fertility issues. So, when the Dr offered to father her children and professed his love, Nengi absolutely couldn’t say no. This obviously resulted in Efe and the Doc bumping heads and trying to figure out where they stood with homegirl.

It’s difficult to say whether Nengi still has a chance with either one of these men, but if she continues down this route, she’ll go back to being single and ‘invisible’ faster than she can say ‘Unmarried”.

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