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The lion sleeps – Unbroken

30 April 2020
After roaring about fearlessly, Tobore finally finds himself amongst the dead!
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Since his formal introduction as general overseer of the Gyado clan’s main source of income and watchdog over his late brother in-law’s shady dealings, Tobore proved to be a friend to absolutely none and an enemy to more than both our hands could tally.

As lethal as he was precise about the nutritional value of his meals and the correctness of the shade of his white shirts, Tobore was more just a force to be reckoned with, he was a threat to be correctly dealt with; his counterparts just didn’t know how; and to be blunt, you all knew there was a bullet with him name perfectly engraved on it.

As if his shrewdness had reached its peak, Tobore’s decision to tamper with the car Lasisi drove just so he could guarantee his silence was full proof of the lengths he was capable of reaching just to ties up loose ends. This, unfortunately, resulted in Tivdo and Jesse’s almost fatal accident that lead to Tivdo’s paralysis.

It was when the Gyado heirs stumbled across this golden piece of information that a nail was placed permanently on his coffin and the collateral damage caused by his poisonous actions that nailed it shut and placed him among the dead. Problem is, there are more people too willing to turn a blind eye on his mysterious death than there are those willing to find the guilty.

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