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The elephant in the room – Unbroken

18 November 2019
Unbroken is like a symphony; some relax to it, some cry to it and others just listen to it.

When we were first introduced to the Gyado clan, we couldn’t shake the ‘we’re being fed perfection’ feeling and just a few ‘stanzas’ in, contempt and love started to dance to the same rhythm; Only, one was frowning and the other, drowning.

While Mr Gyado Snr was delivered to us on a platter of infidelity and uncanniness, his son, Tivdo was painted as quite the opposite – “Preachers don’t birth preachers”, a wise man once said. His relationship with Jesse was nothing short of amazing, and the only thing imperfect about it was Iyoma’s disapproval. Touché!

The themes explored left quite a bitter taste in our mouths as all the contrast was unnerving and unacceptably acceptable. Tivdo looks up to his parents’ marriage so much that even after Diana’s architectural genius of an accident, he remained oblivions of the fact that his father is grossly unfaithfulness.

On the other hand, the Gyado’s closest allies are faced with their share of ‘extra-marital bliss’. Ofure Jangfa’s outspoken nature makes her too tall a wall for her husband to climb and as such, finds solace in the broken Nafike’s young and inexperienced arms while he secretly longs for Jesse, her daughter.

Humm, did we address the elephant in the room?! Unbroken explores a seashore of these and we’re here to unbundle them for you. Tune into AM Showcase Mondays through to Saturdays at 8 pm (WAT).
Cover photo by James Hammond on Unsplash

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