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Calm and cold – Unbroken

06 January 2020
A man who doesn't forgive easily isn't easily disappointed.
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Tobore is a strange man, to say the least. Clothed in sharp conciseness and double-edged charm, he has an equally strange way of winning people over without having to prove his ‘good guy’ status.

Like his sister and sharpest critic, Ofure, Tobore needs not make an announcement as his presence alone causes ‘silent brawls’ and yields quick stares of admiration – Either for his subtle criminal demeanour or his persistence. Pick a struggle.

At first glance, Tobore appeared to have been roled as errand-boy to Terfa Gyado, overlooking his very lucrative and illegal operations, but after the Lasisi ‘hunt and devour’ escapade, his true colours came spraying out. Not only does he stand and act on his own, but he’s also willing to take some casualties on his ‘death drives’ around the block.  

If an oxymoron could be personified, Tobore would be a fitting reference. Soft and positively responsive to his ‘vegan needs’ and his obsession with keeping whites white, He stomachs incredible amounts of darkness and refuses to give second chances as he believes they increase more negative weight than a kilo of unprocessed meat… For figure.

We’re definitely in too deep when it comes to ‘the worst’ he can do but we’re afraid this might just be surface play. Unbroken is indeed a game for the unbroken.

 Cover Image: William's IG

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