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Dabota's tell all tale – Unbroken

23 June 2020
After being silenced by circumstance, Dabota decides that it's about time Terfa found out about his wives past.
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Everyone kept asking why Abimbola so easily forgave Terfa’s gross misdemeanours and blatant disrespect for their matrimonial union; and though others attributed this ‘golden heart’ to good home education and solid femininity, the likes of Dabota knew exactly what that ‘strength’ harboured… Deep dark secrets from the past.

We all remember how taken aback and completely unaccepting Mrs Gyado senior was when Dabota made her highly unexpected return to the land of the free after serving a rather dodgy sentence; She even went as far as consulting the coffers and put every last penny together to pay Dabota’s trip back to where the sun refused to shine. It was then that the truth about Iyoma’s maternal connections to Dabota was revealed and with that came a war… The clash of Iyoma’s mothers. Thanks to Dabota’s very criminal ways, however, Abimbola retained Iyoma’s love and managed to keep Dabota where she belonged… At arm’s length.

With all the fuss around Terfa and his unlawful dealings and Nanle’s consequential death, the spotlight was moved away from the Dabota and Abimbola issue, ensuring that Mrs Gyado’s secret pond remained buried under solid ice. Though Dabota maintained her innocence and tried to build a relationship with Iyoma, Abimbola made efforts to break the bond and remind everyone about Dabota’s jail bird status. Abimbola’s secrets were kept so airtight, not even Tobore’s death could uncover any of them.

… Because the phoenix always rises and there’s always compromised game for the vulture’s table, Dabota chested a bullet and made her way back into the Gyado circle, making all sorts of claims about the not so innocent Abimbola and all her shady dealing dating back to the beginning of her lengthy jail sentence. Claims that judging by Abimbola’s reaction, may just be true.  

Remained tuned into Unbroken and find out how the story unfolds.  

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