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Happy holiday vibes with your favourite TV shows

23 December 2021
The holidays are upon us, so let's get into the holiday spirit with some amazing TV shows

You put in work all through this year and now that the holidays are here, it's time to relax and fire up the sweet happy vibes of the festive season. What better way to do that than relaxing in front of your TV with the best holiday shows. Guess who curated a playlist of amazing shows for you this holiday?? Yup! You guessed it, we did! Africa Magic has created a buffet of exciting shows to make sure you are eating good this festive season. Music, movies and lots more all on a platter.

Get ready, it's time to feast.

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Spending your Christmas together over a tv show is the perfect way to bond. Unwind and enjoy yourselves with your family and friends. Gist, play, eat plenty of junk food and create inside jokes while watching DILEMMA and VENGE. Enjoy the drama, twists and turns that will blow your mind. Not even Santa sliding down the chimney can distract you from the thrill these shows have to offer.

Are you planning to have a Detty December but it looks like December is not Decembering?  You don’t have to break the bank before you catch up on all the fun you need. Experience the thrill of being in the front row of your favourite concert or party without spending a penny. Stay updated on the latest jams on MUSIC BUZZ. Turn up and dance away your sorrows during the TURN UP FRIDAY and get your dancing shoes and gele for our favourite OWAMBE SATURDAY. It’s everything you’ve been waiting for this festive season.

We know how much you love to laugh and we've got you covered with THE JOHNSONS and MY FLATMATES. Laugh away all the bad vibes and put more smiles on your face this holiday. Lord knows after the year we've all had, we really need that laugh.

Christmas is our favourite season, is it yours?? If it is, make it as exciting and memorable as possible. Set reminders so you don’t miss out on all the beautiful love stories you can get on THE RISHANTES this festive season. Don’t forget to explore the world of the Queen of highlights on MERCY WHAT NEXT?

Just in case you'll be on the go this season, Choose joy and enjoy all these amazing shows on the DStv app on any of your connected devices.

Enjoying the holidays should be your priority this season and we hope that you enjoy all the goodies we have lined up for you this holiday season.