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Chuk's the pimp – Tinsel Image : 15238
Search for Jude – Tinsel Image : 15189
Search for Jude – TinselJude's whereabouts remain a cause for concern even though Tochi says he is fine.
A date and a naming ceremony – TinselFrom a romantic date to the preparation for the baby naming ceremony, all seems rosy, but not between Shosanna and Shalewa.
Time for therapy – Tinsel Image : 15149
Time for therapy – TinselWhile Damini muses over going for therapy to cope with the demands of being a new father, Shoshanna is still dealing with the hurt of heartbreak.
Can't play hard with love – Tinsel Image : 15119
Can't play hard with love – TinselSankey shows her vulnerable side as she talks about Angus, wishing they were still together.
Honeymoon in full swing – Tinsel
Honeymoon in full swing – TinselLaide might be having the time of her life with her man but she is still concerned about her safety and plans on tightening her security.
Angela tells her side – Tinsel Image : 15035
Angela tells her side – TinselAfter weeks of being painted a violator, Angela finally decides to tell her own side of the story and why she did what she did to Sankey.
Rumble at the introduction – Tinsel Image : 15006
Rumble at the introduction – TinselThe introduction ceremony between both families isn't going so well as Laide's family has insisted that they carry out a thorough investigation before they give her hand out in marriage.
Laide pops the question – Tinsel Image : 14982
Laide pops the question – TinselIn a desperate bid to keep the love of her life from leaving, Laide proposes to him.
Jesse is ready to fly – Tinsel Image : 14942
Jesse is ready to fly – TinselDespite his wounds, Jesse is ready to get on with his life and his first port of call is Vicki, his girlfriend.
Hard to move on – Tinsel Image : 14921
Hard to move on – TinselSankey isn't sure she can move on after Angela violated her body and she is unsure of what decision to take should she find out she is pregnant.
Angela will go to any length – Tinsel Image : 14853
Angela will go to any length – TinselIn a desperate attempt to get her man back, Angela downs a whole bottle of pills and has no regrets.
Acting on vibes – Tinsel Image : 14820
Acting on vibes – TinselJude may have caused someone his relationship based on the vibes he got.
The calm threat – Tinsel Image : 14766
The calm threat – TinselA revelation about a shady deal is met with a calm demeanor and a threat to life
"Retract your statement" – Tinsel Image : 14755
"Retract your statement" – TinselZiggie's bar has gotten bad press ever since Ibuzo and Frank were accused of being pimps. Now they need that false statement retracted but that might not be possible.
Brenda warns about Mimi – Tinsel Image : 14743
Brenda warns about Mimi – TinselBrenda is worried about this new union with Mimi and warns about impending failure.
A setup or coincidence? – Tinsel Image : 14728
A setup or coincidence? – TinselAfter agreeing to meet up at a location to hand over a large sum of money, Mrs. William ends up getting arrested by the FCC.
Old ties – Tinsel Image : 14684
Old ties – TinselIt seems that everything is going according to plan and Angus will have to make the next move. He will have to try to reconnect severed ties.
Help wanted – Tinsel Image : 14669
Help wanted – TinselWhile Ibuzor's help is being sought after to investigate a deal, Alhaji needs the help of the Detective unofficially in the near future.
Angela considers surrogacy – Tinsel Image : 14588
Angela considers surrogacy – TinselAngela tries to convince Masters to consider surrogacy and adoption as options, but he refuses and explains that he wanted children birthed by her, and Dikibo walks in right on time to save Amaka from a terrible line of questioning.
Jude gets the cold shoulder – Tinsel Image : 14578
Jude gets the cold shoulder – TinselAmaka completely dismisses Jude and his advances, Angela refuses to be told how to 'treat' her man, and Rejoice is mad that Frank insists on having a lavish wedding.
Sankey has her lunch and eats it – Tinsel Image : 14572
Sankey has her lunch and eats it – TinselDetective Sankey gets a specially packaged meal delivered to her office, and a Reel Studios employee makes impossible demands with the hopes of pocketing it big after she was fired.
Keep away from Angela! – Tinsel Image : 14562
Keep away from Angela! – TinselMasters tells Sankey's admirer to stay away from her, and Jesse decides to follow his bae's advice and stay away from Angela, for the sake of their relationship.
Mayday, Angela is down! – Tinsel Image : 14539
Mayday, Angela is down! – TinselMasters finds Angela lying helplessly in hospital after undergoing surgery, but is unable to get any more information regarding the procedure as he wasn't listed as her next of kin.
Chuk's the pimp – Tinsel