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Freddy comes clean – Tinsel Image : 17837
Beating a charge – Tinsel Image : 17689
Beating a charge – TinselAmaka uncovers the damning evidence the fraud agency has against her while Onome impresses an investor with a convincing case.
Jude gets blackmailed – Tinsel Image : 17539
Jude gets blackmailed – TinselJude's history and dirty linen come to light, leading to an emotional argument with his significant other.
Confessions and tears – Tinsel Image : 17531
Confessions and tears – TinselEmotions run high as Ene breaks down in front of an enraged Chucks, attempting to make sense of her connection with Berkley.
Amaka is under arrest – Tinsel Image : 17460
Amaka is under arrest – TinselA damaging video leads to the arrest of Amaka for fraud and robbery while Ene closes a chapter of her life.
Contract worries – Tinsel Image : 17388
Contract worries – TinselDamini reveals to an upset Shina that he got Helen on board because he worried Shina might break his contract.
The mysterious gift – Tinsel Image : 17322
The mysterious gift – TinselBimpe's suspicions crystallize into certainty as she confronts Eno about the source of the mysterious cake gifts.
A pending lawsuit – Tinsel Image : 17059
A pending lawsuit – TinselBrenda is dealt a double blow as she grapples with the news that the security guard intends to sue for permanent injury, coupled with the revelation that their insurance company refuses to provide coverage for the incident.
A major bust – Tinsel Image : 16988
A major bust – TinselThe police catch a drug dealer on his way to deliver to a prospective client.
The viral challenge – Tinsel Image : 16904
The viral challenge – TinselIn a bid to protect her reputation and disassociate herself from a viral bleaching challenge, Bimpe sets out on a mission to seek legal assistance in removing her name and brand from the controversial trend.
Betraying Brenda – Tinsel Image : 16734
Betraying Brenda – TinselBrenda finds herself deeply upset with Jessie after he spilled her secret to his partner. Meanwhile, Fred is grappling with the challenges posed by Festus' work attitude and his grand plans for Reel Max Studio.
Fred dispels rumours – Tinsel Image : 16685
Fred dispels rumours – TinselAmidst swirling rumours suggesting his involvement in the departure of the previous CEO, Fred steps forward to dispel the speculations and clear the air surrounding his role at Reel Max Studios.
Damini's indiscretion – Tinsel Image : 16264
Damini's indiscretion – TinselDamini opens up about the kiss he shared with Ofure as he seeks Bimpe's forgiveness for his moment of indiscretion.
Sankey confronts Brenda – Tinsel Image : 16245
Sankey confronts Brenda – TinselSankey confronts Brenda for requesting that she be removed from the case. In that moment, they both question the strength of their friendship and the journey they have both taken together.
Brenda's request – Tinsel Image : 16232
Brenda's request – TinselBrenda needs a favour from Sankay that might jeopardize her job while Shoshanna is still missing.
Closing the open relationship – Tinsel Image : 15324
Closing the open relationship – TinselIt appears that J wants out of the open relationship, stating that they are in a worse place than before, but Vicky refuses to budge.
First-time fathers - AM Exclusive Image : 15310
First-time fathers - AM ExclusiveIn celebration of Father's Day, Ibrahim Suleiman Edward, Pam Fom, Ayo Lijadu, Whochey Nnadi and Charles Ujomu talk about the day they found out they were going to be a father for the first time and the task that comes with it.
What does being a father mean? - AM Exclusive Image : 15309
What does being a father mean? - AM ExclusiveEdward Pam Fom, Whochey Nnadi, Ibrahim Suleiman, Ayo Lijadu and Charles Ujomu share their favourite experiences as fathers and what these beautiful memories mean to them in celebration of Father's Day.
The ugly side of an open relationship – Tinsel Image : 15286
The ugly side of an open relationship – TinselVicky is an emotional wreck as the gravity of what it means to have an open relationship stares at her right in the face.
Negative press and deceit – Tinsel Image : 15275
Negative press and deceit – TinselWhile a documentary gets pulled due to the negative reviews, Toyosi puts her plan into play to sabotage a relationship.
Chuk's the pimp – Tinsel Image : 15238
Chuk's the pimp – TinselChuks, who has a heavy debt burden over his head, considers pimping Bridget out to get an extension on his loan.
Search for Jude – Tinsel Image : 15189
Search for Jude – TinselJude's whereabouts remain a cause for concern even though Tochi says he is fine.
A date and a naming ceremony – Tinsel Image : 15167
A date and a naming ceremony – TinselFrom a romantic date to the preparation for the baby naming ceremony, all seems rosy, but not between Shosanna and Shalewa.
Time for therapy – Tinsel Image : 15149
Time for therapy – TinselWhile Damini muses over going for therapy to cope with the demands of being a new father, Shoshanna is still dealing with the hurt of heartbreak.
Freddy comes clean – Tinsel