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To Love and Beyond!

14 February 2019
We celebrate Valentine's Day by profiling Nollywood couples that make us all wanna hitch and elope.

Many tally ‘rationale’ at first position on the ‘Men’s greatest gifts’ list but for those who’ve allowed themselves to be fully submerged in its inexplicable glory, love hits the nail right on climax. From maintaining positive illusions to incorporating forgiveness while re-igniting oxytocin, love is way beyond ‘just’ fulfilling and the following Nollywood stars are sparkling examples of the notion. This Valentine’s, we celebrate couples that make us all wanna hitch and elope.

It certainly isn’t unusual for a celebrity marriage to crumble. In fact, with all that’s going on in the TL and other social platforms, odds are being built against peaceful matrimony in celebrityville. For veteran pair, Olu Jacobs and Joke Silva however, it’s been over 3 decades of total bliss. Having had to manage airtight schedules while juggling family life, the Jacobs’ have definitely earned their bragging rights. Give these two lovebirds a love pedestal already abi!

What do you get when you place an extremely hardworking leading lady and an equally determined man of the skies in a test tube? Correct, a positively intoxicating chain reaction. Multi-award winning Actress, Omotola Jalade and hubby, Matthew Eikende give us more just a few reasons to believe in celestial favour and love by design. Both juggling very demanding careers, the pair still manages to deliver ‘picture perfect’ love and then some and that’s definitely worth a nod and a perfectly pitched ‘Kudos’!

A moment of silence for Tinsel, Nigeria’s most-watched series and a movement that continues to deliver more marriages than your local courthouse…Thank you! Iyke Okechukwu and Florence Uwaleke are a product of onscreen chemistry so intense, the effects had to extend to walls beyond studios and scripts. The two lovebirds locked hearts in 2013 and have been in it ever since. Talk about sweet love! *Chuckles*.

Still observing that moment of silence for Tinsel the great, we couldn’t help but bring out our most recent archives and shed a few ‘pride’ tears while at it. Having mined oohs and ahhs out of us while interpreting their characters on the series, Linda and Ibrahim Suleiman still manage to leave us goose bump infested. The pair abandoned their ‘I’ and swallowed the ‘we’… Forever and we’re so happy to be part of their wonderful journey. We absolutely can’t wait for little feet. *hint hint*!

The unwritten rules of the arts depict that personas with very little emotional relativity are to transport viewers into euphoric realms of sacrificial love shared for a couple of forevers and beyond, but when such personas turn fiction into a beautiful reality, bystanders can’t help but search for the same fortune. Banky W and Adesua’s matrimony was nothing short of ‘miraculous’ and though a lot of hopefuls had their hearts shattered, many celebrated this union like it was their own. Nollywood did it good with these ones fam!

They say ‘second time’s a charm’ and we definitely put our stamp of approval on that. Funke Akindele broke into the already saturated scene and let her hard work and raw talent speak for her, a move that had all of us eating out of her palm and despite having had to stomach a bit of sour, Funke bore it all and gave love a chance; a mover that allowing her to scoop her real forever... And they’re still waxing hard baby! It is definitely all well that ends well and we’re here for it.

Our hope is that the one you truly love makes you weep. Not hurt, but weep. Weep because you’re can’t fit all that happiness into a smile, so your tears do the talking. Weep because you know that your cares aren’t yours alone. Weep because your heart has found its hiding place. Whether you’re a man or a woman, we just hope your loved one makes you weep for all the right reasons. With the sweet Jam below, we wish you a very happy valentine’s day.

Cover Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

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