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To have and to hold

12 November 2018
... Till death does them part. Tinsel's Ibrahim Suleiman and Ihuoma Linda Ejiofor tie the knot in syle.
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The unwritten rules of the arts depict that a man and a woman can create artificial chemistry and have the viewers transported into euphoric realms of eternal and sacrificial love - After all, Romeo and Juliet did it on paperback and Jack and Rose did on the sinking titanic. While none of these represented actual reality, Linda Ejiofor and Ibrahim Suleiman’s aching love brought a fairytale to life and proved to us that their chemistry was but the proverbs of the arts.

Longevity is key and Linda’s persona, Bimpe is living testimony of the notion. In the bid for continued relevance, the Tinsel production has gone through exponential changes that resulted in the restructuring of roles and an introduction of new characters. Ibrahim on the other hand stole our gaze when Damini and Bimpe bae’d up and escaped cold nights. Little did we know that this onscreen bubble of love would expand and lead to sacred matrimony.

Tinsel town took a bow and stood still while the universe aligned in love’s favour. Two individuals with different backgrounds and value systems decided to swallow the ‘I’ and adopted the ‘we’… forever! Plated like an authentic African fairytale, the lovebirds honoured tradition and authenticated their heartwarming love in front of friends and loved ones.

In flawlessly detailed Mai Atafo ensemble and in sych with adesua’s sweet symphonies, Linda was escorted down the most desired isle and handed over to her soul-mate. Not only did she softly transition from single to married, Igbo to Edo; she earned herself a new name, Mrs Suleiman.

One could hear a pin drop when the newlyweds took to the dance floor for their first dance. So submerged in love and still basking in the euphoria of having “scooped a hot one… legitimately”, we couldn’t help but get lost in our feels. To have and to hold till the end of time… All we can say is, TINSEL DID IT AGAIN. Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Suleiman.    

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