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Baby ruckus - My Flatmates Image : 16276
One hour to wed – The Johnsons Image : 16273
One hour to wed – The JohnsonsFinally, Prince gets his long-awaited wish to marry Fatimah. The only snag is that he has one hour to get ready for the wedding.
Bulging belly trouble - My Flatmates Image : 16262
Bulging belly trouble - My FlatmatesTo help Jite lose his belly fat, Tejiri has recommended a dietician but Jite is not totally on board with the idea.
One more meal for Samson – MSI Image : 16260
One more meal for Samson – MSIDespite the fact that he plans to return home soon, Samson intends to feed fat before he leaves and aunty Blessing has no choice but to do his bidding.
Playing the divorcee – The Johnsons Image : 16257
Playing the divorcee – The JohnsonsMr. Deputy is up to his usual antics, but this time he has enlisted the help of Goodluck, who has his own motives.
Lights out - My Flatmates Image : 16258
Lights out - My FlatmatesA dire situation with no solution in sight. There is a power outage in the flat and Baba Landlord is not willing to lose sleep over it.
Sober buddies - My Flatmates Image : 16244
Sober buddies - My FlatmatesProsper and Titus share a sober moment while Oga Landlord is being threatened by his wife.
Becoming a billionaire – The Johnsons Image : 16239
Becoming a billionaire – The JohnsonsBlessing has struck a goldmine teaching everyone how to become a billionaire.
Top six rib-cracking moments on Africa Magic – #BestOf2022The year 2022 brought us laughter and had us grabbing at our sides. From My Flatmates to The Johnsons and My Siblings and I, these moments will always have us cracking up.
A dating trick – The Johnsons Image : 16233
A dating trick – The JohnsonsPrince has resorted to trickery to woo Fatima. This time, he is using his mother.
Obus under pressure - My Flatmates Image : 16230
Obus under pressure - My FlatmatesOwing to the financial burden, Obus is finding it a bit difficult to treat his woman right.
Blessing bout her paper – The Johnsons Image : 16224
Blessing bout her paper – The JohnsonsWhile Blessing requests payment for her services, Muhammed tells his family an unbelievable story about overcoming his fear of snakes.
Wille and the 400k debt - My Flatmates Image : 16221
Wille and the 400k debt - My FlatmatesHaving received a two-day ultimatum, Willie is under pressure to pay the outstanding debt of four hundred thousand Naira.
Fatima the tenant – The Johnsons Image : 16210
Fatima the tenant – The JohnsonsFatima and Oga Pablo are close to a faceoff as her presence in the restaurant causes tension.
For the honour of the ladies - My Flatmates Image : 16211
For the honour of the ladies - My FlatmatesAs the battle for supremacy in the flat continues, both Willie and Donatus, have been forced to defend their ladies' honour.
Something in the meal – The Johnsons Image : 16202
Something in the meal – The JohnsonsObulu's restaurant has been turned upside down by an alleged bad food ingredient.
The marriage counsel - My Flatmates Image : 16203
The marriage counsel - My FlatmatesObus and Donatus are worried about Frank and his impending marriage and have decided to provide him with timely advice.
Jennifer takes on a new client – The Johnsons Image : 16200
Jennifer takes on a new client – The JohnsonsEven though it's not Jennifer's usual influencer gig, she's willing to do it for the 'mulla', but Efe isn't on board.
The massage fiasco - My Flatmates Image : 16195
The massage fiasco - My FlatmatesTejiri wants a spa date, Jite wants a date with Tejiri's back and other parts. Not happening on Tejiri's watch.
The new flame - My Flatmates Image : 16188
The new flame - My FlatmatesTitus and Prosper appear to be smitten with a new flame, but she is head over heels in love with Honourable.
There goes happiness – The Johnsons Image : 16189
There goes happiness – The JohnsonsHappiness has herself a drill sergeant and she's not loving any moment of it. Tari is in hot soup for failing to deliver on a wedding suit.
Caught in the middle - My Flatmates Image : 16174
Caught in the middle - My FlatmatesObus bumps into an old flame who is now wealthy and tries to reignite the passion but gets caught in the act.
Abulu on the mic – The Johnsons Image : 16173
Abulu on the mic – The JohnsonsTo avoid paying Tari for entertaining the customers, Abulu has decided to be the star of the show. The only problem is that he might not have the talent for it.
Time to pay - My Flatmates Image : 16169
Time to pay - My FlatmatesMimi owns up to being the one who made it impossible for Donatus to access funds from Frank to pay the rent and also how she convinced Frank to lend Willie the money instead. Now she wants to know when Willie intends to pay the loan.
Baby ruckus - My Flatmates

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