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Breakfast at the altar - The Johnsons

21 January 2023
Prince's fairytale wedding ends in heartbreak as his bride-to-be objects to the union at the altar.
Prince dumped at the altar the johnsons

Oh Prince, Prince, Prince, what a tale of woe! Dumped at the altar by his one true love, Fatimah. But let's rewind a bit, shall we? It all started when Prince, in a moment of desperation, begged Oga Lucky to attend his wedding. "I just want to know when I can fix me and Fatimah's wedding date," Prince implored. "I don't want to do my wedding in your absence, you are like a father to all of us," Prince affirmed. But Oga Lucky had other plans, and Prince was forced to rush the wedding preparations, much to Fatimah's dismay. "One hour is enough to plan so many weddings," Prince declared, trying to ease her worries. But Fatimah was having none of it, "My own wedding cannot be planned in one hour," she retorted.

As the fateful day arrived,  it seemed Prince had finally convinced Fatimah to work down the aisle with him, but he was on high alert, ready to swing a bat at anyone who dared to object to the wedding. Little did he know that the one person he should have been wary of was his own bride-to-be. Fatimah stepped up and shocked everyone by objecting to the union, stating "I'm just marrying you out of pity and not out of love." And with that, poor Prince was left standing alone at the altar, his dreams of love and matrimony dashed out.

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Poor Prince, so close yet so far. It's going to take a while for Prince to recover from this breakfast and we will be watching closely to see how well he does every weekday on Africa Magic Showcase CH. 151 at 19:00 WAT