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Sapele Water

Sapele Water is ostentatiously the leader of the gang of thieves that comes to murder Edafe/Maje’s family. However, we later reveal this to be a ruse, as he was actually the leader of a gang of assassins sent by the ruthless Agbakara gang, from which Maje’s father had tried to escape. This occurred in 2003.

The next time we see him briefly in 2008, he serves as Tequila’s link to the drug deal trade with the Agbakara gang. Finally, in 2023, he has become a fully-fledged member of the gang, playing the role of an enforcer. Sapele Water is as ruthless as they come, bearing a scar running from the corner of the right side of his upper lip to his right ear – a scar earned from the duel with Maje’s father, Ogaga. This specter of death doesn’t bode well for the denizens of Oro Lode, especially Maje.

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