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Slum King

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Maje Edafe Umukoro

Edafe begins his story as the only son and second-born of Ogaga Umukoro. His world is torn apart when he encounters armed robbers who slaughter his family. Unknown to him and us, these men are part of the Agbakara gang – a vicious crime syndicate founded by Maje’s grandfather, and this assault is due to the refusal of his dad - Ogaga, who is heir to the seat of power, to toe the line and keep the status quo.
Maje thus develops an apathy towards life and hallucinates about his deceased family members, causing him to be emotionless and impassive. This impassivity earns him the nickname MAJE ESU, short for “Ma je mi, esu,” which is loosely translated to mean “Don't eat me, devil.”
Years after he returns from prison, he intends to make restitution. But one step after the other leads him down the rabbit hole of the drug cartel, until the coveted position of Slum King is inevitably thrust upon him. Maje is forced to make the difficult choice between becoming the Slum King and remaining as Kate's lover.

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