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Ripples: The New Generation

151Drama16 L

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Elo's sacrifice - Ripples Image : 17854
Freda plots Doris's dismissal – Ripples Image : 17840
Freda plots Doris's dismissal – RipplesTo get Doris out of their way, Freda plans to fire her as CEO using a vote of no confidence.
Freda gets abducted – Ripples Image : 17712
Freda gets abducted – RipplesFreda boldly steps into her father's shoes, asserting her position, but her newfound role takes a sudden turn when she is abducted.
Talab is dead – Ripples Image : 17688
Talab is dead – RipplesKarma comes for Talab Abass in the person of Freda, his own daughter.
Doris loses her pregnancy –  Ripples Image : 17542
Doris loses her pregnancy – RipplesAn argument with Fatima over her relationship with Richard gets physical and leads to Doris's unfortunate loss of her unborn child.
The ripple effect – Ripples Image : 17529
The ripple effect – RipplesA storm brews as Wale confronts his wife about his affair, while Elo's love story takes a heartwarming turn with a proposal. Abass, however, stands at the brink, ready to unleash chaos and destruction.
Feyi gets a shocker – Ripples Image : 17497
Feyi gets a shocker – RipplesOgaga finds out about Doris's pregnancy while Feyi gets into an altercation with Elizabeth due to an alleged relationship with her husband, only to find out Amina, whom she hurt during the fight, is carrying a baby. Who could the father be?
Doris is pregnant – Ripples Image : 17448
Doris is pregnant – RipplesIn a surprising turn of events, Doris discovers she's pregnant, but the identity of the father remains a mystery. Meanwhile, Talab Abass receives an unexpected visitor.
Mourning a loss – Ripples Image : 17387
Mourning a loss – RipplesWhile Halima grieves her loss, a glimmer of hope emerges as Talab Abass awakens from a coma, signaling a potential path to recovery.
Secrets and passion – Ripples Image : 17306
Secrets and passion – RipplesElo drops a bombshell, exposing Alex and Amber's hidden secret! Meanwhile, Talab Abass faces a shocking auto crash and sparks fly as the flames of passion reignite between Doris and Richard.
Doris gets her company back – Ripples Image : 16984
Doris gets her company back – RipplesAn unexpected twist in the Will hands Doris the chance to reclaim her company from Talab Abass in DP Oil.
The sabotage – Ripples Image : 16900
The sabotage – RipplesTalab Abass executes an act of sabotage, resulting in Doris being stripped of her seat on the DP Oil board.
Elo's sacrifice - Ripples

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