The curtain drops on the Auditions – Nigerian Idol

28 February 2022
The battle has just begun as Theatre Week emerges from the ashes of the Audition phase.
Nigerian Idol

The energy around the last stage of the #NigerianIdol Auditions was as high as when it all started and we felt it right through our screens.

Omawumi, our guest Judge for the final day, Obi Asika and D’banj were on hand to make sure the best singers got a Golden Ticket. The first hopeful we were introduced to was David who was so sure he had a talent that would blow the minds of the Judges away but didn’t quite get the job done. As expected he failed to get a Golden Ticket.

His loss, however, gave way to the first Golden Ticket win for the night. Manuel who claims to be a music coach who has helped other singers achieve their dreams decided to take the spotlight for himself. He was able to impress the Judges and emerged as the first Golden Ticket winner for the night.

Manuel’s success was unfortunately followed by a string of ‘No’s for Stephen, Chukwuebuka and Promise who failed to meet the Judge’s expectations. Soon after this, the ‘Yeses’ came in like a flood. Remi, Chisom, Isioma all came on our screens one after the other and best believed that they killed their performance. 😤Also their swag and fashion sense were top notch. 

Speaking about fashion, in as much as #NigerianIdol is a singing competition, it doesn’t hurt to look good while singing does it?👀 The next contestant we saw, Osemeke definitely knew this because he turned up looking all fly in his blue jacket and yellow durag.😎 Even the Judges had to complement his style even though he had just lost a Golden Ticket due to his poor performance.😫 

Audition runway special

Osemeke’s performance was followed by another string of ‘Nos’ for Dele, Jonathan and Mr West. Then came the moment we set eyes on school teacher Itoro who had made a promise that she was going to be on TV and told her family and the kids she teaches to watch out. Well her coming was not in vain as the Judges were blown away by her voice with Obi Asika admitting he wasn’t expecting the type of sound that came out of her. Right after she came Gold. Yeah, you read that right! Gold came for a Golden Ticket and we are happy to say she got it with a smackdown performance that left the Judges feeling happy. 

The Golden Ticket win continued with Wisdom, Paulina and Eyo who sang their way to snag a spot in Theatre Week. Finally, Progress, a young singer from Delta state, emerged as the 75th and final Golden Ticket winner for the night. Progress’ performance was so good Obi Asika tagged it the best performance he had heard for the day. Social media was also agog with people pointing out how good he was.

The battle begins

Then came another phase we have all been waiting for. The phase where it seems the #NigerianIdol hopefuls are close to their dreams yet so far away. Theatre Week is upon us and OG Nigerian Idol Judge Yinka Davies was on hand to assist in judging the contenders seeing as Simi was still under the weather.

The first phase of Theatre Week was the Chorus Line Auditions where the singers were out in groups and took turns singing a song chosen by the music team. 

Sidebar: 3 different rooms were provided for the contenders to go into right after their time on stage. Some of these rooms were for those who would go on to the next round, while others were for those who would be sent home.

After their performances, every member of each group was instructed to go into either of these 3 rooms to await further instructions. Of course, they definitely were all tensed and so were we.😰 Eventually, D’banj and Obi Asika came into the room to give their verdict and as that was just about to happen we got a cliffhanger guys. 😭 After the tension we still do not get relief until next week? Anyway, we can’t wait to see how it all turns out for these beautiful singers.

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