Progress' amazing journey to the Finale – Nigerian Idol

19 May 2022
Progress won the hearts and Votes of Nigerians on his journey on Nigerian Idol and we are taking a look at how that happened.
Nigerian Idol

Progress made it to the Top 2 in this Season of Nigerian Idol after Banty was Eliminated, and most of his fans were overjoyed. He has given breathtaking performances that have earned him accolades and standing ovations. He is so good that whenever Progress steps on stage, we never know if we are going to meet Pastor P, Pimp P or Butter P.😂 (We will explain the origin of the names as you read)

The first time we saw Progress on our screens was on the last day of the Auditions where he sang for D’banj, Obi Asika and Omawumi. His rendition of ‘All of Me’ by John Legend earned him a Golden Ticket, with Obi Asika calling his performance "the best of the Auditions for the day". Watch his Golden Ticket performance below.

Moving on to Theatre Week, his Duet Performance of ‘You Are The Reason’ by Calum Scott took him an inch closer to fame, as he and his partner Debby were commended for their chemistry while performing. Catch a glimpse of Progress and Debby's performance below.

Then it was time for the final round of selections, Solo Perfromances, and this time he came on stage with a rendition of ‘A Change is Gonna Come’ by Sam Cooke. With this performance the Judges were sold and the final consensus was that Progress was going to get a spot in the Top 12 for the Season. Watch Progress' performance of Sam Cooke's song below.

Then came the Live Shows and Progress made it clear he did not come to play as he gave amazing performances back to back. Some of the ones that stood out for us include his performance of ‘Joy’ by Wizkid. That day proved to viewers that Progress was very much a performer, as he was a good vocalist. This performance was where we also got a full taste of 'Pastor P', a name given to him by IK.😁

P.S: IK gave him two more alter ego-like names.🤣 Watch Progress' performance of 'Joy' below.

Then came the Showstopper episode where the unexpected happened. Here we met the new alter ego 'Pimp P' 😎 looking fly with all the bling and pimped out clothing. However, this wasn't just about his outfit; this was where Progress gave us one of the most memorable and amazing performances of the Season with a rendition of Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj’s ‘Bang Bang’. It was definitely a sight to behold. Watch the amazing performance below.

Progress continued to give us outstanding performances and we also got to hear a lot of smooth music from him, which earning him the name 'Butter P'. 

At this point, IK may just give Progress another name at the Finale – who knows?😭😂 

Progress has definitely come a long way on the show and has won the hearts of Nigerians nationwide. We hope this love transcends into his career outside the show. We also can’t wait to see the big moves he pulls in the music industry after Nigerian Idol.

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