Memorable moments from the Auditions – Nigerian Idol

16 March 2022
Sonorous voices and quirky performances popped up on our screens during the Auditions and some of them just won't leave our memory.
Nigerian Idol

The Nigerian Idol Auditions started on a quite funny note with Obinna popping up on our screens to perform his original composition for our Judges Simi, D’banj, and Obi Asika. That moment signalled what would be a rollercoaster ride of what would be one of the most interesting moments on our screen. The Auditions as expected had singers who brought their A-game, those who had no game, and those who left the Judges wondering if the contender had missed his steps on his or her way to another location.  

As noted earlier Obinna opened up the Audition floor with a performance of his original composition. His rendition which was quite interesting and quirky, 😂 led to a mini duet between himself and D’banj which left him delighted. Though he didn’t get a Golden Ticket, we hope he did bag some bragging rights from the performance.

As if that was not enough quirkiness for the day we also got introduced to Onyedikachi whose favourite genre of music is reggae. He however decided to put on a show as he performed Whitney Houston’s rendition of the smash hit ‘I Will Always Love You’.  When we tell y’all we thought the building was on fire, 🔥 best believe it 🤣 because right after a few notes, he ended up hitting Whitney's famous high notes with some remixed ‘Siren’ pitch. Guys for a minute we were legit confused and thought that was some sort of new singing technique?😳🤣

It wasn’t all quirkiness though for on the first day of Auditions we also got to meet some of our Top 12 Contestants namely Abigail, Gerald, Itohan, Faith, and Jordan who gave awesome performances that stood out. 

When the other days of Auditions rolled by, Simi who was under the weather was replaced with Guest Judges Toolz, Omawumi, and Yinka Davies respectively. Day 2 of the Auditions saw us come in contact with more quirky performances that had us shocked. One of those was Tasheyon Richard who came with all confidence but left the Judges wandering why the confidence didn’t come with a supreme sound. There was also Nicholas who came to the Auditions with a Piano but left without a key to the next round. 

On this same day, we also got to meet a very special singer who had a knack for bending his body into weird positions. Kenneth had the Judges all surprised when he decided to show them a special skill he possessed. He however delivered with his singing chops and got himself a Golden Ticket.

We also got to meet good singers such as Banty, Precious, Zadok,Joel and Debby who finally made it to the Top 12 position. 

Day 3 of the Auditions did not fail to bring its own special singers and awesome voices. Here we got to meet country singer Ochiora who was a delight to the Judges and got himself a Golden Ticket after performing. 

This was the day we also met David Operah, and Progress who would eventually also become a part of the Top 12 Contestants for Season 7.

After the first stage of Auditions, Theatre Week came knocking with all seriousness because it was 'make or break' Season and boy were people breaking. Ademola, Collins and a couple of others forgot their lyrics at the Chorus line Audition. While some, like Collins, were able to redeem themselves a few others could not just remember. Then we got to witness the tension that came with the 3 rooms the participants were assigned to. 

After a heart-wrenching cliffhanger, 😥 We found out on the next episode that everyone in Room 1 was safe, those in Room 2 had to go home while Room 3 had some people staying back and others going home. Then came the Duets and as expected, it came with its own set of Drama. One of which was the non-cohesive partnership between La Mood and Collins. They both complained about each other and ultimately had little chemistry on stage but Collins managed to get a pass to the next round while La Mood fell out. Azuka and Kelvin also faced the same issue with both of them falling out of the race.

Then came the day for judgement on who was going to finally get into the Top 12. We will definitely not forget how tended the contenders looked especially when they were called out individually to face the Judges for the final verdict. It was revealed earlier that the contenders had a final set of solo Auditions so that the Judges could make their pick. First up for Judgement was Collins and his moment on stage for the final Audition was another highlight for the Season a moment we will never forget. 

As you read earlier Collins had struggled with his lyrics at the Chorus Line Audition and had complaints from his duet partner. Whatever he was going through seemed to hunt him again at the final Audition as he forgot his lyrics a few seconds into the beginning of the song and gave up, simply telling the Judges “Thank you” despite the encouragement they were giving him to sing. 

That moment and also watching the faces of those who did not make it to Top 12 was quite tough but our day was quickly brightened by the smiley faces and celebration of those who eventually made it to the Top 12.  

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