Theatre Week kicks off with a BANG! – Nigerian Idol

26 April 2021
After four weeks of Auditions, Nigerian Idol Theatre Week began in earnest, as the road to this season’s eagerly anticipated live shows kicked into a new gear.
Final Yes

Last night, 68 lucky contestants headed to Theatre Week and battled it out for a chance to become the next Nigerian Idol. The talented singers, who had all received Golden Tickets from our judges during the Auditions round of the competition, were divided into groups (according to their voices), trained and given the opportunity to prove they are the real deal, and that their impressive showing in the Auditions round was not just a fluke.

Unlike the Auditions, the group selections were much tougher, as contestants had to pull off an important balancing act: put in their very best work alongside their teammates – and still retain their personal star power! As expected, some of the contestants were outstanding when crunch-time came, and their efforts helped them progress to the next round. Others failed to rise to the occasion and their hopes of moving to the next round of the competition ended abruptly.

Watch them prepare for the group stage

In this round, the judges were not just assessing the voices of the contestants; they were also looking out for teamwork and the ability to maintain composure on stage. Star, however, did not get the memo. She expressed her dislike for her teammates as soon as she was placed in her group. While some forgot their lines and let the pressure get to them, others like Godwin recovered quickly and gave beautiful performances. Comfort, unfortunately, forgot her lines on stage and let it get to her. Luckily, the team had Agbutun to hold the fort, and he rose to the occasion. While some contestants fell victim to their teammates’ flaws, others tried to outdo each other, forgetting that teamwork was also being graded.

Watch the contestants that didn't survive Theatre Week

At the end of the day, out of the 68 contestants that made it to Theatre Week, and 39 who made it to the group stage, only 17 contestants progressed to the next round. Next week, all 17 will battle it out to prove that they are worthy of being the next Nigerian Idol.

Watch the amazing performances

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