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TV Shows we are loving on Showmax

25 January 2022
We made a list so you won’t have to stress trying to figure out what to watch.
Shows we love on showmax

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What to watch…

Can’t seem to figure out what to watch, huh? No one ever tells you how frustrating it can be when you're trying to decide what show to watch from an endless list. Not to worry though, we've got your back. Here are some of the shows we are loving on Showmax.


Unmarried returns for a third season. The story of three friends Nengi, Kamsi and Fumbi navigating the challenges of adulthood. Already this season is off to a heated start. Funbi got engaged and also received the shock of her life from her fiancé. Nengi can’t seem to tell that the man she loves might not be the one for her and Kamsi is struggling with a husband that can’t seem to handle failure and has decided to lash out at her. This new season has more drama, but you'll have to see for yourself on Showmax here.  


The Waziris are on a path to total conquest but this comes with more enemies. With Kaineto (Joselyn Dumas) firmly in charge of the Waziri dynasty, the enemies will have to do a lot more to stop them from complete conquest. This show will have you on the edge of your seat so grab on to your refreshment, you are in for a ride. Watch it here.


Follow Bibi on her journey from jail to finding her father and the real criminals who set her up. Watch her fight for her life and evade gunmen who are under the instructions to bring her dead or alive. It’s all here on Showmax

Date My Family Nigeria

How best do you get to know a prospective spouse if not through the eyes of their family? Date My Family Nigeria is a show where a suitor picks a prospective partner after going on a date with their families. If you’ve ever spent time with a Nigerian family, then you’d know it’s like being in a sitcom. You get to experience, drama, humour, bants and possibly a few arguments, but it’s all love. Now you get to watch individuals from all works of life navigate through this to figure out their one true love. So tune in for all the fun on Showmax right here.

My Siblings and I

The Aderugbas are back and they are serving comedy like no other. We know how much you enjoyed it with plenty of laughter, drama and even attachment to the characters. They are bringing you more drama this season and you can watch it all on Showmax.

There you go! All the shows we are loving on Showmax. Hit play on any and get caught up in a world of non-stop thrilling entertainment.