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Delay tactics – MSI Image : 16351
Timi faces impeachment – MSI Image : 16315
Timi faces impeachment – MSILooks like Timi's got himself into some real trouble. The other guys in the department aren't too happy with how he's been running things, and now they're talking about impeaching him.
Family drama – MSI Image : 16311
Family drama – MSIWith the help of the rest of the staff, a brewing family drama is swiftly quashed, but there's more.
Samson in trouble – MSI Image : 16294
Samson in trouble – MSIWhile Dave makes a grand return, Samson finds himself in the most precarious situation.
One more meal for Samson – MSI Image : 16260
One more meal for Samson – MSIDespite the fact that he plans to return home soon, Samson intends to feed fat before he leaves and aunty Blessing has no choice but to do his bidding.
The brawl – MSI Image : 15283
The brawl – MSIA fight breaks out in the house while James has to fight to keep his crush from being distracted by Samson.
Payback for Samson – MSI Image : 15268
Payback for Samson – MSIThe sins of Samson catch up with him as Aunty Blessing plays a trick on him as a form of retribution.
Samson gets the last laugh – MSI Image : 15255
Samson gets the last laugh – MSISamson started his meal sober while his brother gloated, but in a twist of fate, he ended up having the last laugh.
The Devil beans – MSI Image : 15195
The Devil beans – MSIVivian through the help of the maid brought 'devil beans' into the house and it is already causing a lot of havoc at the hands of another.
There was a bust– MSI Image : 15186
There was a bust– MSIJudas is clearly on a self-destruct mission even though he claims that his village people are to blame for him attempting to shortchange James, his employer.
New driver drama – MSI Image : 15155
New driver drama – MSIJames' new driver is already late on his daily targets, and he has been given a deadline to make good.
James gets a driver – MSI Image : 15145
James gets a driver – MSITo start his new car service, James has gotten himself a new employee and all that's left is for him to deliver the daily target.
Ubong's new venture – MSI Image : 15126
Ubong's new venture – MSIWith thoughts of settling down on his mind, Ubong has decided to invest in a new business. James on the other hand has to contend with Angela's wealthy boyfriend.
Emeka has moved on – MSI Image : 15101
Emeka has moved on – MSIAfter rejecting Emeka's proposal, Nnenna tries to make amends but finds out he has started seeing someone else.
The queue drama – My Siblings And I Image : 15063
The queue drama – My Siblings And IEager to place his bet, Ubong gets on the nerve of other people patiently waiting only to lose his spot in the end to his crush.
Nnena is not ready – MSI Image : 15027
Nnena is not ready – MSIAfter rejecting Emeka's marriage proposal, Nnena has taken some time off to be on her own away from the rest of the family.
Chaos outside and within – MSI Image : 15003
Chaos outside and within – MSIJames and Samson are at each other's necks while Papa Benji is about to give Angela and her boyfriend the third degree.
It's not their day – MSI Image : 14978
It's not their day – MSIPapa Benji doesn't find Samson's new song funny especially because the subject of the song shares the same name with his daughter. James, on the other hand, is being held hostage by the mechanic.
The battle of the true saint – MSI Image : 14944
The battle of the true saint – MSISamson and Daniel are eager to prove who the real saint is even if it means disrupting the bible study with petty arguments.
Pain for painting – MSI Image : 14916
Pain for painting – MSIJames and Samson finally meet their match when they have to go the extra mile to please Nnenna's friend, Dumebi, in order to get their painting back.
Benji crashes the party – MSI Image : 14815
Benji crashes the party – MSINot even the hefty security guard could stop Papa Benji from crashing the part and busting his daughter on the dance floor.
Begging for James – MSI Image : 14784
Begging for James – MSIJames' wild lifestyle got him in trouble but lucky for him, the rest of the family came through for him. Unfortunately, he won't be getting his job back.
The boy who cried wolf – MSI Image : 14756
The boy who cried wolf – MSIIn a desperate attempt to make money, a fake kidnapping alarm was raised and there must be punishment for such deviant behaviour.
Annoying fellows – MSI Image : 14746
Annoying fellows – MSIWhile Nnenna is fending off Benji, Samson has let his job title get to his head and the staff aren't having it.
Delay tactics – MSI