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Jimmie Akinsola

Jimmie Akinsola

When you hear or see the name, Jimmie Akinsola; think Entertainment, think Sports. Jimmie has been passionate about Sports a long time before he reached his 6'2' height. Where his siblings had interests in other areas, Jimmie had always been drawn to the Sports world, particularly Football.

Jimmie is currently a Sports Desk Manager and Presenter. He airs daily on Beat FM and Classic FM, channeling his energy and using his suave voice to reach out to those who love Sports and convert the Sport non-believers.

He started out in the Sports Media world more than eight years ago when he auditioned and made such an impression that he became TV Producer and Presenter of a few sports-related shows; Godwin Dudu Orumen's The Best of Football and Lucozade Boost Sports Reel. In 2003, Jimmie achieved the NTA Youngest TV Producer Award and was a nominee of the Best On-Air Personality of the Year  Award this year.