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Obus’ new regime – My Flatmates

With the new head of house in charge of Frank’s apartment, Willy Willy has been rendered helpless and stranded.
Obus’ new regime – My Flatmates Image : 11827


Concoction conspiracy – My Flatmates Image : 17708
Frank's new scheme – My Flatmates Image : 17666
Frank's new scheme – My FlatmatesWhile Prosper lobbies for financial assistance, Frank plans his new with Chief Donatus.
The rent dilemma – My Flatmates Image : 17540
The rent dilemma – My FlatmatesThings get heated among the flatmates as they argue about space and rent and struggle to decide whether to chase Ubong and Honourable away from the house.
Ubong is a nuisance – My Flatmates Image : 17525
Ubong is a nuisance – My FlatmatesUbong's storytelling keeps Dan in stitches, but things take an unexpected turn when he begins to wear out his welcome.
Money is back – My Flatmates Image : 17450
Money is back – My FlatmatesAs Honourable Dan and Donatus engage in a territorial showdown, T-Money takes a different approach, establishing himself as the house's benevolent benefactor.
Dan's visitor – My Flatmates Image : 17386
Dan's visitor – My FlatmatesHonourable Dan extends a warm welcome to an old friend, whose extraordinary generosity leaves both Willy and Ubong in awe.
Titus is homeless – My Flatmates Image : 17308
Titus is homeless – My FlatmatesAfter clashing with Nduka, Titus got the boot from the house. Now, he's on a mission to rally the other flatmates to plead his case.
Chief Donatus' connection – My Flatmates Image : 17282
Chief Donatus' connection – My FlatmatesChief Donatus, unable to persuade the cautious Willy to join his new get-rich-quick scheme, has now teamed up with the ever-eager Ubong.
Nduka in the middle – My Flatmates Image : 17046
Nduka in the middle – My FlatmatesBros Nduka steps into the role of mediator, attempting to untangle the complexities of his wife's resentment towards Mimi while soothing an agitated Titus.
The Introduction – My Flatmates Image : 16983
The Introduction – My FlatmatesA convergence of two families as Frank courageously takes the first stride to formally introduce himself to Mimi's family, marking a significant step in their journey towards marital union.
What did Mimi do? – My Flatmates Image : 16898
What did Mimi do? – My FlatmatesFrank makes his return to the flat, and as usual, Mimi is to blame. While Donatus offers help, Frank finds himself contending with the new addition of Ubong.
The right punishment – My Flatmates Image : 16836
The right punishment – My FlatmatesDan and Willy clash over the suitable punishment for the culprit. While Willy leans towards a traditional approach, Dan advocates for a grand trap to deliver a more fitting retribution.
Nduka warns Titus – My Flatmates Image : 16784
Nduka warns Titus – My FlatmatesTitus penchant for spreading rumours is putting Bros Nduka's marriage at risk, and he's been given a stern warning to stop.
Obus kindness scam – My Flatmates Image : 16735
Obus kindness scam – My FlatmatesIn a cunning attempt to win favor with Frank, Obus sets his sights on eliminating the one obstacle in his path, Mimi. Surprisingly, he chooses to employ the power of kindness to achieve his goal.
No credit for Titus – My Flatmates Image : 16680
No credit for Titus – My FlatmatesTitus' offer of free service fails to secure the desired reciprocal benefits, as Prosper adamantly insists on receiving payment.
Landlord wants an apology – My Flatmates Image : 16661
Landlord wants an apology – My FlatmatesLandlord takes a firm stance and refuses to collect any outstanding levies until Chief Donatus offers a sincere apology.
Ubong defends his list – My Flatmates Image : 16627
Ubong defends his list – My FlatmatesFacing intense scrutiny from Dan and Donaatus, Ubong refuses to back down as he defends the carefully chosen items on his wedding list.
Obus makes promises – My Flatmates Image : 16589
Obus makes promises – My FlatmatesFresh from his adventures in the UK, Obus returns home, brimming with excitement and eager to show off as he makes grand promises. Meanwhile, Titus finds himself contemplating the prospect of moving abroad.
A badly behaved Frank – My Flatmates Image : 16570
A badly behaved Frank – My FlatmatesIn a quest for resolution, Mimi decides she's had enough of Frank's unwavering dedication and charitable disposition to his flatmates.
Titus on a mission – My Flatmates Image : 16548
Titus on a mission – My FlatmatesChief Donatus sends Titus on a mission to delete a compromising video of him on Bonquisha's phone. The mission gets compromised when Prosper rats Titus out.
The fury of Nico Dangerous – My Flatmates Image : 16498
The fury of Nico Dangerous – My FlatmatesAn aggrieved Nicodemus is bent on raising hell after Propser and Titus reneged on the deal they had.
Titus to the rescue– My Flatmates Image : 16402
Titus to the rescue– My FlatmatesProsper seeks advice from his friend Titus after receiving an outrageous proposal from Chief, and Titus proves to have just the right counsel.
Don't cheat on your barber – My Flatmates Image : 16353
Don't cheat on your barber – My FlatmatesJite sets his sights on opening his own barbing salon, but he's about to find out that he's not the only one with big plans.
Feeding Baba Landlord – My Flatmates Image : 16320
Feeding Baba Landlord – My FlatmatesBaba Landlord has taken matters into his own hands when it comes to his feeding after his wife refused to do so. It appears that he may have the last laugh in this situation.
Concoction conspiracy – My Flatmates