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Obus’ new regime – My Flatmates

With the new head of house in charge of Frank’s apartment, Willy Willy has been rendered helpless and stranded.
Obus’ new regime – My Flatmates Image : 11827


The fury of Nico Dangerous – My Flatmates Image : 16498
Titus to the rescue– My Flatmates Image : 16402
Titus to the rescue– My FlatmatesProsper seeks advice from his friend Titus after receiving an outrageous proposal from Chief, and Titus proves to have just the right counsel.
Don't cheat on your barber – My Flatmates Image : 16353
Don't cheat on your barber – My FlatmatesJite sets his sights on opening his own barbing salon, but he's about to find out that he's not the only one with big plans.
Feeding Baba Landlord – My Flatmates Image : 16320
Feeding Baba Landlord – My FlatmatesBaba Landlord has taken matters into his own hands when it comes to his feeding after his wife refused to do so. It appears that he may have the last laugh in this situation.
Ubong is a problem – My Flatmates Exclusive Image : 16305
Ubong is a problem – My Flatmates ExclusiveMimi's annoying cousin, Ubong is in town and he is causing trouble for everyone. Almost seems like it is his life's mission to torment Frank and the rest of the flatmates.
Tejiri gets a job – My Flatmates Image : 16302
Tejiri gets a job – My FlatmatesTejiri has landed a job as a cook on board a ship for the next six months, but Jite wants to play detective before she sets sail.
Baby ruckus - My Flatmates Image : 16276
Baby ruckus - My FlatmatesChidinma and Tejiri are at loggerheads over the wrong items bought for the baby while Dan has got some good news.
Bulging belly trouble - My Flatmates Image : 16262
Bulging belly trouble - My FlatmatesTo help Jite lose his belly fat, Tejiri has recommended a dietician but Jite is not totally on board with the idea.
Lights out - My Flatmates Image : 16258
Lights out - My FlatmatesA dire situation with no solution in sight. There is a power outage in the flat and Baba Landlord is not willing to lose sleep over it.
Sober buddies - My Flatmates Image : 16244
Sober buddies - My FlatmatesProsper and Titus share a sober moment while Oga Landlord is being threatened by his wife.
Obus under pressure - My Flatmates Image : 16230
Obus under pressure - My FlatmatesOwing to the financial burden, Obus is finding it a bit difficult to treat his woman right.
Wille and the 400k debt - My Flatmates Image : 16221
Wille and the 400k debt - My FlatmatesHaving received a two-day ultimatum, Willie is under pressure to pay the outstanding debt of four hundred thousand Naira.
For the honour of the ladies - My Flatmates Image : 16211
For the honour of the ladies - My FlatmatesAs the battle for supremacy in the flat continues, both Willie and Donatus, have been forced to defend their ladies' honour.
The marriage counsel - My Flatmates Image : 16203
The marriage counsel - My FlatmatesObus and Donatus are worried about Frank and his impending marriage and have decided to provide him with timely advice.
The massage fiasco - My Flatmates Image : 16195
The massage fiasco - My FlatmatesTejiri wants a spa date, Jite wants a date with Tejiri's back and other parts. Not happening on Tejiri's watch.
The new flame - My Flatmates Image : 16188
The new flame - My FlatmatesTitus and Prosper appear to be smitten with a new flame, but she is head over heels in love with Honourable.
Caught in the middle - My Flatmates Image : 16174
Caught in the middle - My FlatmatesObus bumps into an old flame who is now wealthy and tries to reignite the passion but gets caught in the act.
Time to pay - My Flatmates Image : 16169
Time to pay - My FlatmatesMimi owns up to being the one who made it impossible for Donatus to access funds from Frank to pay the rent and also how she convinced Frank to lend Willie the money instead. Now she wants to know when Willie intends to pay the loan.
Willie calls the shot - My Flatmates Image : 16163
Willie calls the shot - My FlatmatesHaving paid the rent, Willie now calls the shots and he intends to make the other flatmates pay for mistreating him.
Tiwa is on a rampage - My Flatmates Image : 16156
Tiwa is on a rampage - My FlatmatesTiwa has taken her fight for her man up a notch. The competition is being threatened and her parents are forced to intervene.
The new flatmate - My Flatmates Image : 16062
The new flatmate - My FlatmatesA stubborn new lady has arrived and until she is paid what she's being owed, the flat is her new home. Titus, on the other hand, has a case of the ex.
Nduka's party - My Flatmates Image : 15997
Nduka's party - My FlatmatesWhat is meant to be a celebration is about to turn ugly. First, Donatus and Obus make a big deal about attending, then there is Tejiri who is about to get into it with Willy over culinary duties.
The rent powerplay - My Flatmates Image : 15925
The rent powerplay - My FlatmatesThe rent is due and there is a power play going on in the house. He who pays the bulk of the rent has the most power and Honourable Dan is on a quest to wrestle the power from Donatus who currently wields it.
Baba Landlord and the road repair - My Flatmates Image : 15847
Baba Landlord and the road repair - My FlatmatesFocused on delivering on the road project, Baba Landlord has decided to make his uncooperative tenants foot what's left of the bill.
The fury of Nico Dangerous – My Flatmates